Maternity Trousers and Shorts

When going through the varying, and at times uncomfortable, stages of pregnancy your body needs support, comfort and care. To keep your bump happy, we have designed some lovely luxurious maternity shorts and trousers. These garments go fabulously with our maternity tops, and maternity coats, so have a look around and you’re sure to find something you will love.

We incorporate the trends at the very forefront of fashion into our maternity wear designs, because you shouldn’t be left behind simply because you’re expecting. Our maternity pants and shorts are modelled on the of-the-moment trends and styles, while keeping abreast of those staple items like our black maternity trousers, and a to-die-for maternity cardigan for those cooler evenings. Of course, our amendments are roomier and stretchier, so you can all that style with complete comfort. For any mood and for any day, we have a maternity trouser to suit.

Maternity Linen Trousers

We know that every woman likes to look her best, at all times, and being pregnant should in no way mean you have to sacrifice anything in the style stakes. There is one essential item to any maternity wardrobe, and that’s a stylish pair of linen maternity trousers. Easy to wear with pretty much anything, there are very few maternity trousers as versatile as a pair of maternity linen trousers.
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