Men's Hoodies and Sweats

Having a good selection of hoodies and sweats is essential for all men. Worn with your favourite jacket, jeans and men's casual shoes, you're sure to look great this winter. If you are a fitness fanatic, or just a fashion lover, you need look no further than New Look for the hottest styles, cuts and designs, with ideas and looks inspired by the runways from across the world.

Buying men's hoodies and sweats

The great thing about men's hoodies and sweats is that they allow you to express your personality in any way you choose. From bright bold colours, to detailed designs and prints, there are a number of options for you to choose from in our collection of men’s hoodies and sweats.

Wearing men's hoodies and sweats

Our collection of men's hoodies and sweats covers both casual and dressier styles, ranging from the classic zip hoody, to the warmer and edgier double layered hoody sweat shirt and even a stylish Tokyo laundry chunky knit hoody, we have all of the bases covered. Look great this winter in a fantastic hoody from New Look.
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Mens Hoodies & Sweats

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