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Men's Straight Leg Jeans

Many men will go an entire life time without deviating too much from their comfort zone when it comes to jeans. However, for those brave enough to venture out into the straight leg water; it has undoubtedly been very rewarding. New Look's collection of mens straight leg jeans has the perfect pair for you, so why wait? Browse our catalogue and find your next favourite pair of jeans.

Benefits of Straight Fit Jeans

The straight leg cut is exactly what the name says, the legs are straight. That means they don't taper awkwardly over your trainers, they drape better, they generally fit better, meaning they feel better. Wear your pair of straight jeans with a formal, informal, or check one of New Look's long sleeved t-shirts this winter and you're bound to turn some heads.

New Look's straight leg jeans

Our collection provides you with a wide range of jeans to choose from. Colours range from light blues to pitch black and you can even find a pair of cropped straight leg jeans.