Skirts for Girls of 2-6 Years

One of this season's biggest trends on the catwalk was the floaty, feminine look. Incorporated into skirts, dresses, tops and cover ups, this ultra wearable look is set to dominate summer 2010. One of its appeals, no doubt, is that it taps into the little girl that still lives and breathes in every one of us and takes us back to a more innocent age - the age of dressing up as princesses and dreaming of growing up to be a beautiful ballerina.

Of course not all young girls aspire to such feminine things, but those who do will be delighted to see that our designers here at New Look have translated the uber feminine summer trend into a range of adorable kids wear, in ranges for girls 2-6 and 7-10. If floaty and floral is one of your favourite summer looks, chances are your little girl already has her eye on some of your own seasonal acquisitions.

Some of the best interpretations for the kids' clothes market come in the form of skirts. For example, the bow bell tulip skirt is a soft pale pink with a modern but a feminine edge. Many of us have enjoyed wearing the tulip style skirt over the past few months. Why shouldn't our daughters try out the trend too?

Another great skirt for girls 2-6 is the layered denim skirt, which, rather conveniently, comes as a set with a funky pair of hot pink leggings.

For the ultimate in frivolous girly dressing, nothing beats the ballerina pink layered tulle tutu skirt.

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