Mens polo shirts

A classic staple of British style - and thankfully no longer tied to its aristocratic horsey roots - mens polo shirts are a great alternative to t shirts, making jeans look a bit less scruffy, but equally cooling down a smart pair of trousersand shoes.

Plain mens polo shirts

There are plenty of ways polo shirts for men can be worn without looking too much like Prince William at a Polo match. The sports-inspired plain mens polo t shirts, white with a logo, are great if you like slim fit looks - worn with some skinny blue jeans, leather belt and high top trainers or boots.

Casual mens polo shirt

Similarly, you can grab a casual mens polo shirt for sports days or just relaxing. If you feel like a few different patterns the criss-cross diamond form is a classic. Just be aware of the polo shirt mens clichés - pink and navy might make you look like you really are playing polo.
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