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A great pair of men's chinos is a good investment for any fashion conscious man. They're wonderfully versatile, comfortable and will make a great addition to your existing wardrobe. When buying a pair of chinos from New Look it is important to keep your current wardrobe in mind, because your new pair of men's chinos should complement and enhance your existing collection of garments as opposed to stealing the show completely.

Choosing a pair of Chino Shorts

Choosing the right pair of men's chinos, similar to picking a pair of men's jeans, hinges on two factors, fit and colour. Finding the right style of chinos is important as you want something which will fit you well, and we know that our selection of men's chinos has something which will fit you perfectly.

Men's chinos this season

During the winter fashion tends to consist of a darker, more subdued palette, however moving into the summer this is most definitely not the case. From cuffed with braces to skinny in red and twisted cuff chinos, our collection is sure to have something that will look great on you.