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Mens Suits

Nothing says style more than a sharp suit. Whether it's a 2 piece or a 3 piece suit (that's with waistcoat), you can't go wrong at a formal event with a snappy suit.

Mixing and matching

You can mix and match your suits in a few ways. First and most simply you have the matching suit that's the same shade and pattern all over - worn with a contrasting shirt and tie this is your go-to formal wear.

Alternatively you can pair your suit jacket with jeans or chinos if you want to dress down a touch, with an unbuttoned collar and no tie. This works well with textured or tweed blazers rather than super smart suit jackets.

If you opt for a three piece, then there's always the option to lose the jacket and go with a trouser-waistcoat combo; which still looks stylish but will give you a bit more room to breathe. Whether you need something office friendly, a sharp blazer for a wedding or some classic smart trousers for an upcoming date, we have something in our collection to offer.

Shirt & Tie

First and foremost, own a white shirt! It's simply the easiest to wear and pair with any suit and tie combo; most any colour and patterns are fair game. If you're looking to vary the tones though, tend towards contrasting ties and shirts, like blue and burgundy or you can utilise complementary tones. As a general rule of thumb aim for a darker tie than your shirt and look for a some texture. Don't forget some smart shoes and feature socks either!