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Men's Striped T-shirts

We have an incredible selection of plain, printed and striped t-shirts for you to choose from and considering how essential t-shirts are to most men’s wardrobe, finding the perfect shirt is not to be underestimated.

Why a men's striped t-shirt from New Look?

When you're out and about you want to look your best and that is exactly what a men's striped t-shirt from New Look will help you achieve. Paired with your favourite jeans it will create a simple, yet stylish look, instantly.

How to choose a Striped t-shirt

You don't want something too radically different, colour wise, from items you already have in your wardrobe. Which is why it's recommended you stick to shades and tones that you already own, but why not try something different, style wise? V-necks, Y-necks and hoody tops give you a few more options, and the more options you have available, the more likely it is that you find a great shirt.