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Mens Vests

Mens vests have picked up a bad rep over the last few decades - either string-vest grandad nightmares or super-tight Mr Motivator neon. But there is a middle ground - and from plain layers to individual pieces for going out, a vest might be your new best friend.

Loose mens vests

Perfect for layers and keeping warm - whether skiing or seeing the city, loose mens vests can be great additions to your wardrobe. If you're out in a super-hot club, or for comfortable gym-wear, a baggy look is great for avoiding those Mr Muscle mens vest clichés.

In fact, it's pretty difficult to make a men's vest look smart. Better to run with the casual look, try plain and simple casual mens vests in black with slacks. Or if you feel bored with plain colors, a patterned or printed vest looks great with jeans and a shirt over the top.