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Wide sandals

If you've got wide feet, wide fitting sandals are a year round necessity. Whether they are for summer, a beach holiday or for wearing indoors, every fashionista knows that sandals must be stylish, chic and comfortable. Whatever the season, a good pair of comfortable sandals will serve you well.

Wide sandals for summer

Wide fit sandals are the ultimate summer footwear. Super functional, sandals are the very essence of barefoot living. Cork sandals are perfect for holidays; light enough for travelling but sturdy enough for city walks. Show them off with pretty dresses, beaded belts and relaxed sarongs.

Wide sandals for winter

Sandals are very much winter fare, too; a pair of wedged wide sandals look great with a tunic dress or a wrap skirt with tights. Really embellish your wide sandals with patterned or super sheer tights and show them off by wearing skirts or shorts. If you need extra wide sandals, look no further than the New Look website.