Midi skirt

There are certain wardrobe essentials that no girl can really live without: one of those is a midi skirt for the office. Versatile, easy to wear yet smart and quick to be dressed up or down, the midi skirt works hard for its money. But it isn't just all work and no play…

Ladies midi skirt

This length and look is also great for weekend wandering and social events. Try a white midi skirt for holiday chic or rock chic attitude; or a denim midi skirt for relaxed style. Pair with a printed t shirt or even a blouse with a soft collar.

Black midi skirt

The classic look is perhaps the black midi skirt - workable in office environments, at functions and interviews, as well as flexible with your off-duty wardrobe. A midi skirt can really carry a lot of other accessorizing and styling, so experiment with slouchy layers, long cardigan and shirts on your days off!
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