Mens plimsolls

Gone are the days when we would only wear canvas shoes for primary school gym class. Since indie favourites The Strokes brought them back nearly a decade ago, mens canvas shoes and plimsolls are a must-have: an easy to wear, stylish balance between casual and trendy.

Canvas mens plimsolls

The rubber-soled canvas mens plimsolls made into a uniform by musicians and wannabe music-makers are not just for scenesters. They are a completely useful wardrobe staple. Great to wear with jeans, you can even try them under winter trousers or slacks for a smart-casual look.

Black mens plimsolls

Whilst white is the classic men plimsolls colour, it's very easy to turn them from white to brown-grey in just a few wears. But there are plenty of other choices. Black mens plimsolls or navy are also classic looks - and black will survive the rain and the mud far better than the lighter mens canvas plimsolls.
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