Casual shorts

A perfect alternative to the mini-skirt - and a great look for any season - are casual shorts. Paired with woollen tights and boots, or thigh-high socks and chunky brogues, with a big winter coat, shorts for women needn't be confined to summer-time dalliances with showing our legs, or random denim cut offs. During the summer a pair of ballet pumps, flip flops and one of our stylish t-shirts is all you need to look great in a pair of casual shorts.

Women shorts

In fact women's shorts are a fashion field of their own, from silk and satin formal shorts to longer-legged corduroy numbers perfect for adding edge to a work outfit or spicing up a long blazer and t shirt. Pair with heels for drinks in town or bring back down to earth with some neat flats.

Casual ladies shorts

Whatever your style of ladies shorts, make sure you have the right tights to go with them in this weather. You don't just have to go for plain black. You can choose from woven wool to patterned sheer designs, even with polka dots and stripes. Casual shorts are essential for the summer and by buying the right pair of casual shorts you're sure to look and feel fabulous this season.
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