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At Mamalicious, pregnancy isn't hidden, it's celebrated and the marriage between fashion and femininity really make this brand stand apart. With modern, fashionable maternity wear for you to choose from, at New Look we are confident that you will find a perfect piece to slot into your existing wardrobe. So don't hide your bump this winter, show it off and there is no better way to accentuate your body in all of the right places than with some stylish maternity wear from Mamalicious.

Why Mamalicious?

Their maternity wear allows you to maintain your personal style during your pregnancy and every six months Mamalicious sends out a range of gorgeous maternity wear that provides you with outfits to last throughout your pregnancy. Focussing on making you look feminine and beautiful by using extremely comfortable fabrics, the garments are as easy to maintain as they are to wear!

Our range of Mamalicious garments

We have a wide range of Mamalicious garments for you to choose from, including jersey dresses, cardigans, leggings, woven dresses, tunic tops, singlet tops, jersey and knitted dresses. So regardless of your taste, we know that we have something to suit your wardrobe and look perfect this winter.