Casual shoes

We tend to overlook them but every girl needs a good pair of everyday shoes to see her through and nothing works better than some casual shoes that fit every outfit, from skinny jeans to flared skirts.

Black pump shoes

But these little foot-warmers can really set an outfit off. Go for some black pumps to spice up a casual slacks and tee look - and accessorise with a matching belt or headscarf. And if there's no rain to worry about, white pumps with black leggings and a baggy cardigan are perfect for the off-duty look.

Ballerina shoes

But when it comes to making a statement with your shoes, the lowly pair of pumps can do a whole lot more than make you look casual. The pretty, ever-popular ballerina pumps are just the ticket for tall girls who want to wear flats to a party - they also make for comfortable, smart officewear with a pencil skirt.
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Casual Shoes

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