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Wash care

Wash Care
  • Five ways to keep your clothes looking newer for longer

    1. Step one - Always read the care label and follow the washing instructions
    2. Step two - Be careful not to overload the washing machine
    3. Step three - Sort your washing by similar wash care types and colours
    4. Step four - Always dry your clothes as stated in the wash care label
    5. Step five - Wash your clothes at the correct temperature. If in doubt, always wash at a lower temperature
    Switch To Clevercare

    Your care for your clothes also cares for the environment

    From the moment you buy those much loved New Look garments we want that feeling to translate to a better care for the environment.

    From the resources used to grow the cotton for our collections or the fuel consumed to distribute the latest designs to our stores, to the way you care for your clothes, every stage in the life of garments has an impact on the environment associated to it.

    We’ve introduced the Clevercare symbol on New Look clothes as a way for you to find out more about how you can be more eco-friendly by following a set of simple tips on how to care for your clothes, such as lowering the washing machine temperature. Small actions like this can lead to significant water and energy savings overtime.

    To find out more information, do keep an eye on our labels or visit

Do you know your symbols?

  • washable icon - robust fabrics
    Washable up to 40°C. Usually used for robust fabrics, especially cotton
  • washable icon - synthetics
    Washable up to 40°C in mild wash conditions. Usually used for synthetics
  • washable icon - delicates
    Washable up to 40°C in very mild wash conditions. Usually used for machine washable delicates
  • washable icon - hand wash
    Hand wash only
  • washable icon - do not wash
    Do not wash
  • washable icon - do not bleach
    Do not bleach

Dry cleaning guide

  • Dry Clean - Normal
    May be professionally dry cleaned using tetrachloroethylene - normal process
  • Dry Clean - Mild
    May be professionally dry cleaned using tetrachloroethylene - mild process.
  • Dry Clean - Do not dry clean
    Do not dry clean

Drying guide

  • Tumble dry - low heat
    Tumble dry at low heat setting
  • Tumble dry - do not tumble dry
    Do not tumble dry

Ironing guide

  • Iron - hot
    Hot iron
  • Iron - warm
    Warm iron
  • Iron - cool
    Cool iron
  • Iron - do not iron
    Do not iron

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