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12 Fashion Trends Princess Diana Wore First

by Chloe Wilshere, Content Creator

With watching season 4 of The Crown well underway (or finished) it’s safe to say our love affair with the People's Princess, Lady Diana has only grown, particularly in the fashion department.

And with more than 20 years having passed since the people’s princesses’ death, her style from the 80s and 90s has never felt more relevant. Everywhere you look, whether it’s the ‘it’ girls of Instagram or those oh-so-cool Scandi girls, elements of Princess Diana’s style are all being spotted all over the place.

So, we’ve rounded 12 trends that Princess Di wore first and totally needs credit for 🙌.

princess diana wears dark blue sweatshirt and orange cycling shorts

1. Varsity

You thought the Kardashians were the first to sport the cycling short trend? Then you’re very wrong as Princess Diana was well ahead of the game with her cycling shorts and oversized sweatshirt combinations.

And these days thanks to the modern-day influence of Hailey Bieber and stay-at-home guidelines, cycling shorts and oversized sweats are all any girls wants to be seen wearing.

princess diana of wales wears green cardigan and black jeans

2. Cardigans

2020 has been a year of many things, but most importantly it’s been the year of the cardigan. This year we haven’t been able to get enough of them, but of course there was one lady that did it first and that lady is none other than Princess Diana. Paired with a t-shirt, straight leg jeans and boots, the look couldn’t be more 2020 even if she tried.

princess diana wears velvet top with big white collar

3. Collar Details

If there’s one major trend that came out of nowhere and is now all over our Instagram feeds, it is larger than life collar details. The collar details originally dated back to the Victorian era, but these days are associated with all the Scandi girls on our Instagram feed. And this year have been the epitome of WFH to nail dressing from the waist up style. Who knew we’d be spend the year pairing larger than life collars back with joggers: style at its finest 😉. But there was one woman that was well ahead of the trends and sporting larger than life collars way before us, we wonder what Princess Di’s WFH attire would be if she was still around today?

princess diana wears dogtooth set of jacket and skirt

4. Dogtooth

If there was one thing Princess Diana wasn’t scared of it was prints. And clashing prints was no exception. A look that was way ahead of its time, especially with how major dogtooth prints have been this A/W. We’re not sure we even have the guts to pull off this clash of colours dogtooth look, but in Princess Diana style she obviously pulled it off effortlessly.

princess diana wears light pink outfit, dress and hat

5. Millennial Pink

You thought the Queen only wore pastel colours? Think again because Princess Diana was a keen advocate for wearing a bit of colour, especially in pastel form. And can you blame her when she looked this good in it?

princess diana wears black blazer with white top and white trousers

6. 2 Mile Fashion

It’s almost like Princess Diana could predict the future and knew this was a look we’d all be resorting to in 2020. A tracksuit with an oversized blazer is all we’ve been wearing, whether it’s for zoom calls, popping to the shops or actually heading to work. We’re telling you; Princess Di’s looks were way ahead of her time.

princess diana wears black sparkly dress with blue stars

7. Mystical

If there’s one print that came out of nowhere this year but we sure can’t get enough it has to be mystical prints. But of course, Lady Di had already been an advocate of the mystical prints trend, and to be totally honest we want to know where we can get this starry night dress for our NYE outfit.

princess diana leaves the car, wears lilac bodycon dress

8. Lilac

We wanted to let you into a little secret… and that is that lilac is set to be huge over the next few months. So, get ahead of the game and start purchasing those lilac pieces now, and after seeing how good Princess Diana looks in it, why would you not want too?

princess diana wears midi dress and velvet blazer

9. Midi's & Blazers

Our beloved midi dresses have been a little neglected this year, but after seeing Lady Diana in her midi dress and blazer combination, it’s confirmation that we need to start giving them a little bit of love again. And, we can’t get enough of the random, wacky print on this one. More printed midi dresses please.

princess diana on beach wears animal print midi dress

10. Animal Print

Remember at the beginning of the year when we were obsessed with all things Tiger King and Carole Baskin? Feels like a lifetime ago now.

But Princess Di was way ahead of the Tiger King trend with this leopard print beach dress, something we can’t wait to replicate on our next getaway whenever that may be.

princess diana wears blue jeans and white shirt

11. Mom Jeans

It may have taken a while, but skinny jeans are now a thing of the past and mom jeans are our everyday go to style. And whilst it took us a while to come to terms with this, Princess Diana was always sporting mom jeans from the get-go. And she styled them timelessly with a white shirt and loafers, a look we’d all still totally wear today.

princess diana wears white blazer and black skirt

12. Monochrome

Wearing black and white is always a safe but timeless option. And Lady Di was very aware of that too. You can’t beat the classic feel it gives off, and this year monochrome has been a major trend and safety net for many.

Throwing black and white on together requires little thought but always guaranteed to look great.