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14 of the Best Winter Coats Every Wardrobe Needs

by Hannah Rose, Copywriter

Forecast: frosty mornings, darker nights and the best winter coats. Yep, although we may be absolutely freezing right now and summer feels like a lifetime ago, there are some good things to come from the temperature drop…we (finally) have an excuse to stock up on stylish winter coats *celebrates*. From when that very first leaf fell to the ground, we’ve been dying to invest in this season’s most-essential piece, but the time has never felt quite right until now. With the heating permanently on (soz, bank balance) and our lighter layers from the previous months not quite cutting it anymore (soz, blazer), there’s literally no better time to search for the best winter coats for the months ahead.

We’ll be the first to admit that finding the best winter coats for women is no easy task, though. After all, we are going to be wearing them for pretty much forever. For some, warmth is a priority. For others, style is a priority. For us, the best winter coats combine both. Agree? Exactly. We want something that keeps us cosy (whether that’s with the addition of other layers or on its own), looks cool (on and off Instagram), pulls our outfits together (with minimal effort), and guarantees compliments (obviously). We’re not asking too much are we?

If you’re struggling to find the best winter coats for women, we’re here to help. From stylish winter coats that will actually make you happy it’s cold (seriously), to the warmest coats for women that rival the comfort of your dressing gown (no joke), we’ve rounded up 14 of the best winter coats every wardrobe needs. Think classic cuts that you’ll be as excited to put on for the hundredth time as you were the first, oversized silhouettes that you can get lost in, and statement stylish winter coats for those whose main aim is to turn heads. So, without further delay, let us introduce you to the best winter coats that need to be on your radar right now. Cold weather, come at us.

Rita Ora wearing beige teddy coat, knitted brown high neck jumper and skirt

1. The Teddy Coat

Imagine a stylish winter coat that provides constant cuddles. That would be the dream, right? Well, this is the outerwear option that will make your dream a reality. It’s the stroke-able teddy coat that gives you a much-needed hug whilst you wear it. The perfect combination of cute and cosy, you’ll literally never ever want to take this off. Styling tip: go for lighter shades to set off your look.

2. The Check Coat

Looking for something smart? Achieving a sophisticated silhouette is made easy with checks. Like, you could be wearing the most casual thing under a check coat and you’d still look put together, and that’s what we love about this timeless print. Another thing we love, is that checks never go out of fashion so we can wear this stylish winter coat this season, and the next, and the next. Amazing.

Woman wearing grey checked coat with knee-high boots
Ella Eyre wearing long puffer coat, pine green tracksuit and white trainers

3. The Puffer Coat

As you’re probably already aware, it’s impossible to take on the British weather without a puffer coat by your side. But forget purely practical designs made for the cold and the cold only, puffers are no longer just the best winter coats for the bad weather, they’ve become a statement piece. Think oversized fits, longer lengths and extra padded fabrics that provide the warmth of a duvet whilst looking seriously cool.

4. The Suedette Coat

Touchable textures meet 70s vibes to bring you one of the best winter coats for women, ever. Suedette fabrics are the perfect way to add that vintage ‘I-found-this-in-Camden-market’ touch to your outerwear. Longer lengths and darker shades make them perfect for winter, too. Tip: Do not forget an umbrella. Suedette coats and drowned rat = not the best combo.

Anne Hathaway wearing brown suedette coat with blue jeans and grey boots
Woman wearing black parka

5. The Parka Coat

Looking for the best winter coat to take you from Monday through till Sunday? Whether it’s for the school run or shopping trips, the parka coat is hard to beat. Practical (with its hood), cosy (with its warm lining) and super-flattering (with its longer length), it’s no surprise the parka has become a cult classic. Oh, and its trillion pockets are always a bonus…

6. The Leather-Look Coat

The perfect way to shake up your outerwear? With a layer of leather-look, of course. No longer just for biker jackets (good option if you’re looking for the best jacket for winter, btw) and jeans, this season’s ‘it’ fabric is here to add a tough (and cool) edge to the classic black coat. Think longer hemlines that hang loosely over your outfits for an easy way to wear the trend. We’re obsessed.

Kim Kardashian wearing black leather coat with grey cycle shorts and grey hoodie
Victoria Beckham wearing camo jacket with black trousers and pointy toe shoes

7. The Camo Coat

Camo prints and oversized fits come together to create arguably the coolest cover-up ever. When it comes to the best winter coats, it’s not all about those super-soft fabrics and perfectly padded designs. Sometimes you just need a throw-on layer you can dress up or down, and a camo coat is exactly that. Designed to give your outfits a masculine and effortless edge, it’ll soon be your new BFF.

8. The Faux Fur Coat

Name something cosier than being wrapped up in a layer of faux fur? Exactly, there’s nothing. If you’re looking for the warmest winter coat to get you through the season, then the faux fur coat is for you. It’s the layer that’s snug yet luxurious and no matter what you wear it with, it will (literally) always look glam.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wearing faux fur coat with blue jeans and knee-high boots
Jennifer Lopez holding coffee wearing black parka with green fur hood

9. The Faux Fur Hooded Coat

Full-on faux fur a bit too much for you? Don’t worry, we’ve got the solution. As perfect for showers as it is for snow, the faux fur hooded coat adds a subtle touch of glam to the classic cover-up, whilst providing all the practical attributes of a parka. Perfect, right? Qualities: easy to wear, warm and works for literally a million occasions.

10. The Denim Jacket

Forget waving goodbye to your beloved denim jacket once the temperature’s dropped because did you know, they also make the best jacket for winter, too? Having had a serious upgrade over the years, you can now get them in basically any wash you want (think acid wash to ecru) and fits (we’re talking cropped to oversized). Just make them cold-weather ready by layering on top of a hoodie or roll neck. Easy-peasy.

Woman wearing denim jacket, black hoodie, black leggings and white trainers
Rihanna wearing camel hooded mac with white t-shirt and camel mini skirt

11. The Hooded Mac

The mac makes a comeback year after year and it’s easy to see why. Its hooded design makes it perfect for those showers, its classic camel colour works with every outfit, and its longer hemline makes it super-flattering. A wardrobe winner, this timeless piece is on our best winter coats for women list every year and it’s easy to see why.

12. The Belted Coat

Taking getting all wrapped up literally, the belted coat has become a style staple. With its waist-cinching details, cold-busting long length and sophisticated structured shoulders, it manages to make every outfit look stylish and feel warm in a matter of minutes. It’s hands-down the best winter coat for achieving that perfectly polished look.

Leonie Hanne wearing beige belted coat and brown knee-high boots
Woman wearing leopard coat

13. The Leopard Coat

Soft faux fur meets look-at-me leopard for the warmest winter coat for those who love to make a statement. Think less Kat Slater and more high fashion. The combination of cosiness and attention-grabbing spots makes this a special piece for those occasions when you really want to go all out. Oh, and it’s perfect for the ‘gram.

14. The Maxi Coat

A stylish winter coat that keeps you warm from your head to your toes? We’re in. Adding drama to your outerwear, this floor-length layer has minimal details but gives maximum impact (and length). The best part? It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing underneath because the maxi coat manages to make any outfit look good and totally effortless. Styling advice: go tonal for an on-trend look.

Woman wearing beige maxi coat, beige top and beige trousers