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4 Ways to Wear Jeans and Boots

by Hannah Rose

Okay, so it may sound simple. I mean, what could be so hard about wearing jeans and boots? Well, throw in a million different fits, finishes, lengths and so on and suddenly it becomes a whole lot harder than one first thought. It’s no longer just about pairing any old boots with jeans and leaving the house hoping for the best. Nope, it’s about making each of the most crucial components to your winter wardrobe complement each other in the best way possible.

When paired perfectly together, jeans and boots can create a fool-proof (they work for every plan), fashionable (they also look great on the ‘gram), and functional (rain, snow, let’s go…) combination. Sound good? The jeans and boots duo even gives your joggers and trainers a run for their money. In fact, it’s literally the only other combo we’re willing to trade our comfies for this season.

So, whether you want to know how best to wear your mom jeans and boots (i.e. tucked in vs. not tucked in), or you fancy treating yourself to a new pair of skinny jeans and boots and need some inspiration before you buy (trust us, it will save you so much time), we’ve got all the answers.

​​​​​​​From the coffee-and-go combo (Chelsea boots with jeans, of course), to the Zoom-call saviour (we’re talking comfy jeans, boots and oversized shirts that make ditching the PJs and slippers surprisingly easy), to the window-shopping outfit (black boots, jeans and a long coat are ideal for browsing), we’ve rounded up 4 jeans and boots ideas you’re going to love.

how to wear knee high boots and jeans

1. Knee High Boots & Jeans

As a general consensus, no matter what the fit of the jeans, knee highs should always be worn over them. After all, why would you want to hide away such a gorgeous shoe underneath your denim? Exactly. Whether you fancy playing it safe in can-never-do-wrong black or branching out into a new shoe colour scheme (think dreamy neutrals to autumnal mustards), there’s a pair of knee high boots out there for everyone, even those who usually stretch no further than the calf. Not only do knee high boots with jeans look good, but with their majority-of-the-leg-covering ability, they’re also perfect for the minus zero temperatures that come with the British wintertime.

As for how to wear knee high boots with jeans, we’d say the easiest way to pull off this combo is with a pair of skinnies tucked into knee highs for a seamless boot-to-denim transition. With the addition of a bodysuit (think Emily Ratajkowski) or a classy layer (Priyanka Chopra style), this is a jeans and boots outfit that can take you from day to night. Clever, right?

Alternatively, if skinny jeans with boots aren’t your thing, Gigi proves that slouchier styles work with knee high boots, too. In fact, moms give a slightly grungy and totally effortless touch to the usual glam-ness associated with the knee high boot. So, if you’re more about that I-haven’t-even-tried life, this will be right up your street.

​​​​​​​Oh, and as if just wearing knee high boots with jeans wasn’t enough to earn you style points, make like the celebs and go one step further by matching your boots to your top half. Totes Instagrammable, right?

how to wear white boots and jeans

2. White Boots & Jeans

Bored of the classic black boot? Then it’s time to give white a try. And don’t worry, the way they look on you will far outweigh your these-will-get-way-too dirty fears, we promise. All you’ve got to do is stay away from mud…simple. Just like its darker counterpart, the white boot goes with every shade of denim, meaning you can’t really get white boots and jeans too wrong. So, although a new shoe shade may seem scary at first, it’s actually not.

But, how do you wear white boots and jeans? Well, unlike the knee high, when it comes to the white boot, it tends to look best when peeking out the bottom of your jeans. It also tends to look best with a more relaxed jean and a cropped hem. Think straight legs, moms, flares etc, rather than skinny jeans and boots. Oh, and frayed detailing is also an added bonus. At the end of the day, you want people to see these boots because, well, look at them? We’d also recommend keeping the white boot short and sweet – think ankle styles that are seriously versatile. But when it comes to the rest of it, it’s down to you. From pointed toes to rounded toes, block heels to chunky flats and contrasting soles to all-white-everything designs, there’s a white boot out there just waiting to be paired with your fave denim.

​​​​​​​Like we said, the good thing about white boots is that they’re super versatile. So, whether you want to dress up an oversized check shirt and moms a la Beiber (cool, right?), match your top-half to your footwear like Kendall Jenner with white boots, jeans and a white knit (an easy way to look put together) or lighten up your wardrobe classics (bye dull winter fashion), a pair of white boots is a little-to-zero-effort way to take you style up a notch. Oh, and they work in spring and summer, too. Bonus.

ways to wear ankle boots and jeans

3. Ankle Boots & Jeans

Sitting at the forefront of footwear has to be the ankle boot. Like, who doesn’t own a pair of ankle boots? They’re the ‘easy’ boot that makes the perfect alternative to trainers. From walk-ready flat soles that work for every kind of weather to office-and-evening approved heels that are surprisingly comfy, everyone needs a pair of ankle boots sat patiently waiting for them by their front door. The good thing about the ankle boot is that you can wear it over denim, under denim, just peeking out of your denim and well, basically you can just wear it in every way possible.

It will probably come as no surprise then that wearing ankle boots with jeans is easy-peasy. Some just tend to look better with one fit of jean than another. As a basic rule though, if the shoe is worth showing off, make sure you do it.

For example, if you’re a chunky flatform kind of girl, mom jeans with boots are the way to go. Just make sure your hem is high enough to show off those super-cool soles like Bella Hadid. The addition of a puffer coat makes it the perfect winter outfit, too. All about the bootcut? The ankle boot looks best worn underneath, instead. Take note from Kendall Jenner by wearing heeled ankle boots, jeans and a tucked-in top…it’s so 90s, we love it. As well as their leg-lengthening abilities, a heeled pair will also ensure your I-never-grew-into-these jeans don’t drag along the floor. Perfect, right? As for pairing ankle boots with skinny jeans, they look best tucked in or with the ankle boot meeting the hem so they’re always on display. Plus, you’ll want to show off those lace-up and buckle details like Olivia Palermo, right?

​​​​​​​Whether you fancy going for Chelsea boots and skinny jeans with a padded jacket, or black boots, jeans and an oversized knit, the ankle boots and jeans duo is the throw-on-and-go option for your bottom-half.

ways to wear blue jeans and black boots

4. Blue Jeans & Black Boots

Whoever came up with the ‘blue and black don’t go together’ rule had clearly never tried the blue jeans, black boots combo. As Elsa Hosk and co. show, black boots go perfectly well with blue jeans. In fact, we often struggle to think of a better companion for our classic denim than a pair of black boots. It’s the combo that you don’t need to think ‘will I regret wearing this later?’, because the answer is you most definitely won’t.

Seeing as they’re the most versatile colour like ever, black boots will complement any wash of denim. However, they look extra good paired with lighter shades for a contrasting feel. Think mid-wash moms hanging effortlessly over ankle boots and light-wash styles tucked into knee high boots. As well as going with (literally) everything, another good thing about blue jeans and black boots is that they’re timeless. Yep, this combo will never go out of fashion so we’re giving you the go ahead to invest in a good pair of both blue jeans and black boots.

As Kaia Gerber and Alesha Dixon show, jeans and black boots look (even) better when you take the whole outfit into consideration. Think smart black layers that match the colour of your boots whilst your jeans stand out underneath. It’s coordination at its finest. The addition of rips also gives the typically-smart black boot a dressed-down twist, making the blue jeans and black boots a suitable option for every occasion.

If you prefer to keep things classic (and totally cute), then you can’t go wrong with the blue jeans, black boots combination.