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The Shacket: What Is It & How To Style

Hannah Rose, Copywriter

You may remember 2020 for a lot of different reasons (most of them bad), but one good thing to come out of the year has to be the popularity of the shackets AKA the ‘it’ piece every girl needs. At first, you’ll buy one. Then, you’ll be tempted to buy another, and another, and another. It’s a (far from) vicious cycle that you won’t be able to get out of, but also won’t want to because what could be more dreamy than a wardrobe full of shackets? Exactly. From models to influencers, the shacket is everywhere right now and for a very good reason. With all its positive attributes (practical, versatile and effortless to name a few) and literally no negatives (we genuinely can’t think of one), the shacket has become the ultimate wardrobe hero. No clue what we’re talking about? See ‘what is a shacket?’ below.

What is a shacket?
For those of you who haven’t been introduced to this hybrid or spotted it plastered all over your Instagram feeds (where have you been?), you may be wondering ‘what is a shacket?’ Well, when it comes to explaining what is a shacket, it’s pretty much as its name suggests. A shacket is a cross between a shirt and a jacket. Yep, two of your favourite wardrobe pieces combined into one…how great is that? It’s similar to a shirt in that it has buttons, a collar and cuffed sleeves, yet it can be likened to a jacket in that it’s often made of thicker fabrics, has pockets and can be worn layered up or on its own as outerwear. It’s the Hovis of the fashion world…best of both. If you’re still wondering what is a shacket? Then you may have heard of it by its other name ‘the overshirt’.

So, why has this shirty-jackety thing become such a staple? Well, we don’t know about you, but we are all about that zero-effort life and with its easy oversized fit, the shacket has become that throw-on layer that manages to make you look cool without you even trying to. Next, it works for literally every season. Really. From its ability to be layered stylishly over a chunky knit when the temperature drops to still managing to look good tied around the waist when the sun comes out, the shacket will take you from the start of the year to the end and we love that about it. Finally, the shacket suits everyone. With its different fabrics, finishes and details, there’s so many shackets to choose from that you’re guaranteed to find one (or ten) that you’ll want to wear on repeat.

How to Style Shackets
But, how do you style a shacket you ask? Well, who better to show you how than the likes of Gigi Hadid and Hailey Beiber. From loosely-hung over your casual attire to statement waist-cinching designs, here’s 9 ways to wear the style that’s on everyone’s mind.

gigi hadid wears brown checked shacket

1.  Comfy…but make it fashion

I know what you’re thinking, with a smarter top and casual bottom half, this outfit has Zoom call written all over it. As Gigi proves, a check shacket is an easy way to make loungewear look and feel put together. Just sling one on over your joggers and you’re good to go. Even better, match your shacket to your top for easy coordination. Just make sure you leave the buttons undone so everyone can see your totally-didn’t-plan-this matching outfit. Comfy yet also smart, this outfit basically ticks every box. Slippers, optional.

2.  Goes-with-everything grey

The best way to set off an all-black outfit? With a shacket, of course. And, if brights aren’t your thing, goes-with-everything grey is your answer. Looking for the perfect alternative to a blazer for those smart occasions? Opt for a minimal design and pair it with black, black and more black for an outfit that oozes with chic-ness. A longer hemline is also a saviour if you’re like us and have seriously overindulged over lockdown. PS. Look at all those pockets *heart eyes*.

woman wears grey shacket, black trousers and knee-high boots
woman wears fluffy pale pink and blue shacket

3.  Made-for-Instagram brights

Now, for a shacket style on the opposite end of the spectrum…if standing out is your forte then a statement shacket is a must. Think bright colours and textured fabrics that are less about keeping you warm and more about making an impact. When it comes to styling a piece like this, stick to maximum two shades (as you can see, pastels work well together), keep it loose and undone (the more oversized, the more effortless it looks), and go for a lightweight design so it’s not too OTT. Your Instagram will love this.

4. Belt it up

Give a statement shacket the attention it deserves by keeping the rest of the outfit super simple. Rust shades and soft wool fabrics are perfect for the colder months and when it comes to prints, checks can do no wrong. If you prefer a more streamlined silhouette, then as the street style stars demonstrate, a belt is a must to make the shacket more fitted. Choose a belt that’s the same shade as the rest of your outfit for a coordinated finish. Not sure what to wear underneath? Just button your shacket right up to its collar so whether you’ve got a fancy top or thermals underneath, it does not matter. Perfect, right?

woman wears brown check shacket with belt
woman wears leather beige shacket, knee high boots and white dress

5.  Layer up in leather-look

A cool alternative to the classic black biker jacket, a leather-look shacket will give your outerwear a fresh twist. Perfect for when style triumphs warmth, a layer of leather-look can literally take any outfit up a notch. How to wear it? Super oversized and unbuttoned for ultimate effortlessness but with the addition of a belted waist to create some shape. Like the street stars, stick to a simple colour palette (think neutrals and khakis that work well together) and keep it coordinated with matching shoes and accessories. How dreamy?

6.  Off-duty cool

All about keeping it casual? Just because they’re in the same family as the shirt doesn’t mean shackets can’t be incorporated into your off-duty wardrobe, you know. As Hailey proves, you can give a check shacket a sporty edge by keeping it unbuttoned and pairing with an oversized tee and chunky trainers. Yep, oversized shackets and oversized tops are your route to cool. Weather looking up? Lightweight woven fabrics are perfect for in-between days. It’s the off-duty model outfit that’s (almost) too good for words.

hailey bieber wears green check shacket with white oversized t-shirt
woman wears green shacket with high neck jumper and leather skirt

7.  Keep things cosy

Chunky jumpers and wool shackets are the outfit combination that will make you glad the weather’s cold…seriously. Like come on, this is giving us all those warm and fuzzy feelings just by looking at it. Layering a shacket over a roll neck is a totally chic and easy way to beat the chill. Even better, layer similar shades in different textures (think ribbed knits and leather-look) on top of each other for a super effortless high-fashion look. Oh, and make sure you size up in everything to take it from an 8 to a 10 on the cosiness scale.

8.  Head-to-toe neutrals

A fan of neutrals? Well, Hailey certainly is and when they look this good, who can blame her? Copy Beibs by making sophisticated styles snug with the addition of an oversized and seriously huggable teddy shacket. Whether it’s to keep you warm on your commute (if you still remember what that is), or to help make an evening look cosy, she proves that shackets work for those stiletto occasions, too. For the ultimate chic finish, go tonal and stick to the same shades from your head to your toes. In love? Same.

hailey bieber wears textured cream shacket
amanda holden wears check shacket with black jeans and pointy boots

9.  Monochrome moments

Plans or no plans, look like you have somewhere to go with a smart shacket. Think textured bouclé fabrics and timeless dogtooth prints that will make (literally) any outfit look sophisticated, no matter what you’re wearing underneath. When it comes to what’s underneath though, it’s best to keep it simple. Like Amanda Holden, make it work-worthy by sticking to monochrome shades and letting the shacket be the centre-piece of your look. For more formal occasions, button it up. For more casual affairs, let it hang loose and wear a simple tee underneath.