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15 Virtual Christmas Party Ideas to Make it the Best Yet

By Hannah Rose - Copywriter

There’s no denying that Christmas may be a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. In fact, we’ve got the virtual Christmas party ideas to make it (even) better than usual. Yep, we’re talking more games, more laughter, and so many more memories. If that’s not enough to convince you that a virtual Christmas party is the way forward, then we’re pretty sure this will be…A virtual Christmas party avoids any risk of hyperthermia from bar queuing, means you don’t have to leave your cosy house to travel anywhere (yes, we’ll miss our chats with the taxi driver, too), your perfectly-styled hair won’t get ruined by the awful weather, and literally anyone can attend, regardless of whether they’re in the same house, city or even country. The list is endless. Convinced? Thought so.

So, with virtual plans officially back in action (did they ever even go?), but the majority of the population completely Zoomed out, we decided to put together some virtual Christmas party ideas that involve way more than just screen staring. They’re fresh, exciting and give traditional Christmas parties a run for their money. We’re even going as far as saying you might want to do them every year. Intrigued? Well, with arguably the hardest year of our entire lives unfolding, we’ve realised that staying close to loved ones has never been so important, even when you can’t be close to them at all. This is where a virtual Christmas party comes into the mix. Allowing you and everyone you love to have a good time and stay connected, our virtual Christmas party ideas are here to make this the most special one yet. 

Woman wearing black jumper with white collar, eating a Christmas trifle

1. Scavenger Hunt

Rules: Someone chooses an item, everyone has to find said item in their home and the first to bring it back to the camera, wins. Easy-peasy, right? Wrong. The scavenger hunt is the virtual Christmas party game that will make you forget where you keep literally half the things in your house. Like, why is your hairbrush in the kitchen and not in your bedroom?! Tip: When it comes to picking the items, the funnier and most random, the better. Ready? On your marks, get set…

2. Bingo

Whether you’re a fan of the classic (perfect for Grandparents) or Bongo’s Bingo is more up your street (your friends will love this), did you know that you can create your very own bingo from the comfort of your home? Yep, it makes the perfect virtual Christmas party idea. Need some help? There’s so many websites and apps out there to help you do it. The hardest part? Thinking of cool prizes everyone will want to win. Hmm…

3. Quiz

Did lockdown 1.0 turn you into the ultimate quizmaster? Then you’ll be glad to hear you can do it all over again. When it comes to virtual Christmas party ideas, a quiz is up there with the best. Just pick a theme (from TV shows to general knowledge to facts about each other) and get quizzing. The winner gets a prize and hosts the next one, and the loser has to do a forfeit to make everyone laugh. Perfect.

4. Charades

What’s Christmas without a game of Charades? Even if we can’t do it in person *cries*, we can still do it on camera *celebrates*. Charades makes the funniest virtual Christmas party, like ever. How to do it virtually? Everyone downloads the same Charades app on their phones, splits into two teams and acts out whichever category the app has given them. The best team wins. Giggles guaranteed.

5. Bake Off

Okay, so there’s many ways you can do this. For the competitive people: pick someone to be the judge, everyone bakes their best dish and then the judge picks a winner. For the wannabe chefs: Choose a dish and teach everyone how to cook it on camera. It’s the perfect excuse to make something different from the everyday, give people some foodie inspo and show off your skills. It’s just a shame you can’t taste everyone else’s…

Two women sitting on the stairs by the door, drinking champagne

6. Group Meal

Although we can’t enjoy a meal together, together. We can virtually, together. Why not pick a different cuisine every week and eat it on camera whilst catching up on the latest goss? From Mexican nights to Italian evenings, your stomach and Insta-feed will thank you for this yummy virtual Christmas party idea. Dress code: Christmas jumpers, of course.

7. Karaoke

Missing those drunk sing-a-long sessions with your besties? Same. The answer? Just do it in your bedroom instead with a karaoke virtual Christmas party. As well as saving you some serious embarrassment if your voice is less ‘Beyoncé’ and more ‘screeching cat’, it also means you can sing in harmony together without any background noise from DJs and fellow drinkers ruining your vibe. Pass us the microphone…

8. Virtual Bar

Whether you’re an espresso martini girl or a mojito lover, it’s time to take your cocktail-making skills to new levels (or at least the first level) with your own virtual bar. Why not make it even more special by creating your own cute virtual Christmas party invites and sending them out to everyone before the night? Downside: you can’t try your friends drinks. Upside: less of a hangover because of this.

9. Murder Mystery

Bring Cluedo vibes to virtual Christmas parties with a murder mystery night. Okay, so this does require a bit of prep but it’s all worth it, we promise. How to plan? Create characters and story lines and send them out via email to everyone a while before the event. This gives everyone time to order their outfits and get in character. It’s so much fun. Now, who did it?

10. Decorating the tree

Thanks to our virtual Christmas party ideas, you can still share those special moments this year, with decorating the tree being one of them. Set a date and a time, get your baubles at the ready, switch on the video camera and get decorating. It will feel like you’re all there together. Cute, right? Just make sure the gifts you’ve got them are out of sight. Oh, and wear a nice outfit because they’ll be LOTS of screenshots.

Two ladies dancing at Christmas party

11. Movie night

Cinema trips with your besties may be off the cards, but you can still watch your favourite films together with a virtual Christmas party movie marathon. Just pick a night, get your comfies (and your camera) on and binge watch the best Christmas movies on Netflix. Just be prepared to pause when you all fancy a chat/toilet break. Popcorn, essential. Face masks, optional but recommended.

12. Secret Santa

Good news: Everyone’s favourite gift-giving tradition can still go ahead (virtually). Woohoo. All it requires is a bit of extra planning, such as adding postage into people’s budgets and picking a suitable time for everyone to log on and open their gifts together. Not sure what Secret Santa gifts to get him or her? Whether you want something under £5, £10 or even £20, we’ve got ideas for you. Think gift-cards for shopping addicts, foodie presents for the next Nigella and cute décor for interior lovers. The best part? You can easily hide your expression if you aren’t the biggest fan of your present.

13. Christmas Crafts

Looking for virtual Christmas party ideas to keep the kids (or yourself) occupied? Then, this one’s for you. From origami trees to snowflakes and stars, it’s time to get creative with Christmas crafts. Although a little messy, it’s a lot of fun. Plus, you’ll end up with the cutest decorations afterwards. Want to make it competitive? Make everyone vote at the end and the best creations win a prize. The game is on…

14. Dress Up

What’s a virtual Christmas party without getting dressed up? Exactly. Whether you want to pick a theme and go all out in costume (bonus: being at home avoids any Mean Girls moments because you can just get changed) or just get super-glam for the camera (we’re talking dresses, heels, accessories, the lot), you don’t need an excuse to get made up. Feel-good vibes and the perfect selfie, guaranteed.

15. Dance party

Missing the dance floor? Bring it to your bedroom with a virtual Christmas party. Wear your favourite outfit (see idea 14), turn up the tunes and dance the night away. Even better, you can just roll into bed when you’ve had enough. As well as releasing endorphins, it allows you to have a good old laugh and wiggle with your besties. Memories, made.