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18 Iconic TV Shows You Need to Binge Watch RN

By Geneve Anderson, Copywriter

Let’s be honest here: it’s been a tough year. And now we’re all going to be spending a lot more time at home once more, whilst also having to deal with the dark winter months. But don’t worry, it’s not all doom and gloom, now’s your chance to take a step back and embrace all things JOMO (also known as the Joy of Missing Out). Why not keep it cosy in loungewear and have a well-deserved sofa session? In a world where things are uncertain, that warm, fuzzy feeling of nostalgia can always bring comfort and we’re here to deliver just that. From iconic fashion moments to memorable quotes, we’ve selected the most binge-worthy classic TV shows to lift your mood and fill the hours of your day. And, after you’ve read this, if you still want more, take a look at our November round-up of the top shows to watch on Netflix.

the oc tv series' main characters, summer, seth, marissa and ryan standing by a car

1. The O.C., approximately 92 hours

The O.C. conquered teen television during the mid-noughties. The show had everything it needed for becoming such a cult classic: a killer soundtrack, classic ‘boy-meets-girl-next-door plot’, courtesy of Ryan and Melissa, great character development and it wasn’t shy of tackling hard-hitting issues. Additionally, viewers got to appreciate the lavish lifestyle of the super-rich in sunny California. Not to mention, Seth and Summer will always be relationship goals…

rory gilmore and lorelai gilmore from tv series gilmore girls

2. Gilmore Girls, approximately 115 hours

Even though Gilmore Girls first aired 20 years ago, it’s still considered to be one of the best TV shows of all time. Fans have always adored the special sister-like bound between the iconic mother-daughter duo Lorelai and Rory. The cosy setting of a New England small town also gave viewers a feeling of ‘home’ and familiarity. And by the way, can we talk about Luke’s infinite amount of check shirts please?

gossip girl main characters standing next to a car

3. Gossip Girl, approximately 121 hours

‘Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite.’ Ah yes, who can ever forget this memorable intro? The show delivered an array of iconic lines throughout its five-year run from 2007 til 2012, including when Blair professed her love to Chuck Bass with ‘Three words. Eight letters. Say it and I'm yours’ (we’re not crying, you’re crying). Also, Blair’s collection of headbands will forever be one of our biggest fashion obsessions. XOXO- New Look.

friday night lights tv show poster

4. Friday Night Lights, approximately 76 hours

American football is more than just a sport. It’s a cultural phenomenon that centres around the idea of hope, championing the fighting spirit and bringing people together. This is what makes Friday Night Lights such an iconic TV show. Story lines follow the travails of a high school football team and their coach Eric Taylor in a small town in Texas. The drama series also explores topics revolving around young love, patriotism, class division and rooting for the underdog.

the main characters from tv show sweet valley high, elizabeth and jessica wakefiel

5. Sweet Valley High, approximately 30 hours

They always say that the best things in life come in pairs. Twins Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield certainly caused some serious mischief in the fictional place of Sweet Valley High. The popular blonds have had to deal with a series of shenanigans that ranged from a kidnapping to summoning the ghosts of dead students (yes, seriously). But no matter how obscure the story lines were, the show that was based on Francine Pascal’s same-titled book series will always be a ‘90s cult classic.

one tree hill tv series poster featuring main characters

6. One Tree Hill, approximately 187 hours

One Tree Hill was the epitome of noughties teen drama. The show had a good run with nine seasons under its belt. Storylines mainly focused on Lucas and Nathan, two half-brothers who competed both on and off the basketball court, including being involved in an epic love triangle. Indeed, viewers had the pleasure of tuning in to former teenage heartthrob, Chad Michael Murray (who played Lucas) on a regular basis. Did anybody else have a poster of him on their walls? Nope, just us then…

shot from tv show “full house” featuring michele tanner and jesse katsopolis

7. Full House, approximately 96 hours

Let’s face it, the 90s wouldn’t have been the same without Full House, making it one of the best TV shows ever. We got to learn valuable life lessons in every episode, something a lot of sitcoms failed at during that era. The Tanners became a much-loved TV family we couldn’t get enough of. It brought us the Olsen Twins, who both played the adorable Michelle Tanner. And finally, who can forget that EVERYONE had a crush on the oh-so handsome Uncle Jesse.

how i met your mother tv series poster

8. How I Met Your Mother, approximately 104 hours

How I Met Your Mother certainly has become a legen-wait-for-it-dary show. Fans watched Ted Mosby tell his children the tale of how he met their mother, including the prior relationships he had with other women. Whilst the series finale divided many opinions, HIMYM delivered plenty of memorable punch lines and comedic moments. Barney Stinson never failed to entertain us with his womanizing and slighty sociopathic ways…

will smith in tv show fresh prince of bell air tv show

9. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, approximately 72 hours

Will Smith not only entertained us with his antics, but also left a fashion legacy with styles that are still very much bang-on trend right now. Think 90s-inspired clothing galore à la baggy sweatshirts, tie-dye, neon and (even) more. Besides this, the Fresh Prince was more than just stylish and funny. As one of the first shows with an all-black cast, it was ahead of its time and didn’t shy away from topics revolving around racism. In today’s current climate, the show still matters – perhaps even more than ever.

carrie, samantha, cynthia and kristin from sex and the city in yankees stadium

10. Sex and the City, approximately 47 hours

For many, Sex and the City will always be one of the best TV shows of all time. As the name suggests, there were a lot of NSFW scenes on screen. However, SATC became a trailblazer for women to talk so openly about their love lives. Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha were not only celebrated as strong women, but each one of them became fashion icons too. Charlotte wearing head-to-toe pink, Miranda’s cropped hair-do, Samantha power dressing in blazers, and Carrie who practically lived in heels, especially from Manolo Blahnik.

the main characters from tv show grey’s anatomy

11. Grey’s Anatomy, approximately 363 hours

Last year, Grey’s Anatomy made history in becoming the longest-running medical drama on primetime television. With an impressive 16 seasons thus far, there’s no sign of the show coming to an end. So, if you plan to binge-watch this series, prepare to be (absolutely) dedicated. Past and present popular characters include Derek Shepherd a.k.a ‘McDreamy’, Meredith Grey and Izzie Stevens. But we’re warning you now, try not to get too attached when your favourite leaves the show…

dawson's creek tv series poster featuring main characters

12. Dawson’s Creek, approximately 128 hours

Dawson’s Creek reminds us of much simpler times. The quaint coastal town was home to a group of teenagers having to conquer their own day-to-day problems of adolescence, ranging from romantic relationships to tensions within friendships. Flash forward to 2020 and who knew back then that this cult classic teen drama would eventually kick off the Hollywood careers of Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams and James Van Der Beek.

edina monsoon from tv series absolutely fabulous holding bottle of vodka

13. Absolutely Fabulous, approximately 20 hours

Remember the days when smoking indoors used to be a thing? This certainly was something that Joanna Lumley’s beloved ‘Ab Fab’ character Patsy couldn’t live without. If there wasn’t a cigarette in her hand (which was, like, hardly ever), she would, at the very least, have a drink or two, or three, four, maybe more… Along with best friend Edina or ‘Eddy’, the two big-city career women would get caught up in misadventures, usually in a constant state of drunkenness.

scene from buffy the vampire slayer

14. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, approximately 144 hours

Way before our obsession with the likes of Twilight and The Vampire Diaries, there was Buffy. Played by Sarah Michelle Gellar, Buffy’s fate was chosen to battle against vampires and other evil creatures. However, she was trying to find the balance of living a normal life whilst catering to her slaying duties. This supernatural teen drama is a classic TV show from the late 90s/early 00s era and had a good run with seven seasons.

monica, chandler, ross, rachel, phoebe, and joey from tv series friends

15. Friends, approximately 121 hours

We sang along to the opening theme song of ‘I’ll be there for you’ for ten seasons. We watched as a group of six friends would dance around a fountain in the credits. At one point, there was even a turkey on someone’s head. Whether you love it or hate it (which is hard to believe), Friends undoubtedly is one of the most iconic TV shows. With tons of unforgettable TV moments, how could it not be? If you’re a fan like us, then you’ll love our Friends merch (even) more…

sabrina talking to salem in tv series sabrina the teenage witch

16. Sabrina the Teenage Witch, approximately 82 hours

The show that put a spell on 90s TV sitcom, Sabrina the Teenage Witch was absurd but super entertaining. The show featured a cheeky, yet lovable, talking cat called Salem, a closet that teleported you to the magical world and, of course, a giant flan. Yet somehow, its dialogs managed to slip in themes revolving around feminism, LGBTQ+, and assured young teens that it was OK to be different from anyone else. From a fashion standpoint, Sabrina loved cosy cardigans , chokers and crop tops which is basically everything we’re loving right now, too.

the main characters from tv series beverly hills, 90210 walking on beach

17. Beverly Hills 90210, approximately 296 hours

With a postcode that made a certain Los Angeles area world-famous, Beverly Hills 90210 celebrated its 30th anniversary last month. The popular American show gave us plenty of drama and wasn’t afraid to raise awareness of difficult topics. The 10 seasons worth of episodes provided an endless amount of outfit inspo from the 90s. Cue the mom jeans, turtleneck tops and more…

saved by the bell tv series main characters

18. Saved by the Bell, approximately 54 hours

Featuring a colourful backdrop in the opening credits and an overenthusiastic theme tune, every kid that grew up in the late 80s/early 90s knew it was time for Saved by the Bell. With big personalities and (even) bigger hairstyles, the students at the fictional Bayside High School kept viewers on their toes. The Sitcom wasn’t just all about comedy though. Every now and then it would touch on some serious issues such as homelessness, the environment and women’s rights.