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5 Minutes with Our 915 Model Nicole Gyasi

by Emma Menteath, Editorial Lead

We spent 5 minutes catching up with 13-year-old Nicole Gyasi after our Back to School
shoot and we were surprised to discover that it was Nicole’s very first shoot as a teen model! It makes sense that she has an affinity for drama class and aspires to pursue a career in acting one day.

Nicole has grown up with 3 sisters, a brother and her pet pup called Patch. She tells us he’s a Yorkshire terrier. When Nicole isn’t rehearsing lines in drama class, you’ll find her watching football or devouring a new novel.

Here’s what else we learnt about Nicole when we caught up with her…

Q: Are you excited to go back to school?
A: Yes and no. I’m excited to see my friends and one or two teachers, but otherwise I’ve enjoyed being at home.

Q: What have you missed the most about school?
A: My friends, drama and P.E.

Q: What’s your favourite school subject and why?
A: I love drama because I would love to become an actor. I also enjoy English and I’m really looking forward to my photography class in September.

Q: What’s your favourite accessory to add to your school uniform?
A: My favourite accessory are my bandanas and school bags​​​​​​​.

Q: Favourite after-school snack?
A: My favourite is chicken and chips with a cup of tea. (Now that’s a great after-school snack!)

Q: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
A: To be able to go back in time and change things.

Q: If you could be any animal what would you be and why?
A: I think I would like to be a butterfly. They have such beautiful and lovely colours to take pictures of.

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?
​​​​​​​A: A model or a dancer.

Q: What’s your favourite music?
A: I like lots of different types of music but mostly R&B and Hip Hop.

Q: What dance have you been doing on TikTok while staying at home?
A: I love TikTok! I have been doing the Renegade dance.

Q: What was your favourite movie you watched recently?
​​​​​​​A: I don’t watch a lot of films because I am always dancing. But I watched a film recently called African Wedding. It was funny! I also like any type of dance films like You Got Served, Honey and Save the Last Dance.

This or That?

1. TikTok or YouTube?

2. Teachers pet or class clown?
Teachers pet. I don’t like being told off.

3. Ice Cream or chocolate?
Ice cream

4.Pizza or fries?

5. Sandals or trainers?
I love my trainers.

6.Florals or polka dots?
Polka dots

7.Movies or music?
Music, every time

8.Beach or amusement park?