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13 of the Best Scary Films to Watch this Halloween

by Adam Fletcher, Copywriter

Whilst we can’t avoid the classics (think The Blair Witch Project and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) making their way onto our to-watch list every Halloween, this year, we’ve got some surprise suggestions on there, too. From Hereditary to The Witch, these 13 titles are guaranteed to get you into the spooky spirit. Watcher beware, you’re in for a scare…

1. The Blair Witch Project

Not sure whether you want to see monsters, ghouls, witches or haunted forests? The Blair Witch Project is the answer. Being shot on a student’s hand-held camera, it’s a move away from ‘traditional’ horrors, but it still has the power to creep us out.

2. The Strangers

Eerie phone calls, creaky floorboards and things that go bump in the middle of the night - The Strangers has all the ingredients it takes to make a spine-tingling movie. But, thanks to its three masked torturers, it’s anything but predictable.

3. Hereditary

Packed with bizarre incidents and surreal imagery, Hereditary is just the ticket to a successful Fright Night movie fest. Expect ouija boards, spirits being summoned from beyond the grave, and a house party that takes a turn for the worse.

4. The Hills Have Eyes

Watch at your own peril. Inspired by the tale written by Sawney Bean, there’s a caravan that breaks down in the middle of the desert, talks of mutant monsters, and gory goings-on that the Carter family just can’t seem to explain…

5. Funny Games

By now, you’ve possibly noted that witches are one key feature to making a ‘good’ horror. Michael Haneke is another. Haneke's Funny Games opens with a family arriving at their holiday home - but they soon get taken hostage.

6. Wolf Creek

You might not think that factual events and Hollywood-made horrors have anything in common, but director Greg McLean does. His movie Wolf Creek is based on a true tale, where three backpackers get held captive by a serial killer.

7. Saw

It’s an essential question - what’s the most gruesome horror ever? For us, it will always be Saw. Its two protagonists regain consciousness and enter the sick world of a serial killer named Jigsaw. Proof that movies need fake blood to be truly gory.

8. The Ring

If, just by chance, you want to scare yourself silly, and probably never want to answer the phone again, look to The Ring. Based on Kôji Suzuki's supernatural novel, it centres on the return of well-crawling Samara. Two words: 7 days.

9. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Not a new, but still a favourite of horror fans everywhere. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, a remake of the 1974 version, focuses on teenagers who become terrorised by Leatherface. It's guaranteed to remain in the back of your mind…

10. The Witch

Sure, witches, broomsticks, spells and black cats aren’t anything new to horror movies. But, thanks to the inclusion of a satanic goat, black magic, and the disappearance of a child, it’s a lot more terrifying than your average ‘hocus-pocus’ tale.

11. Wrong Turn

Wrong Turn is a 2003-release that aims to create suspense, and make you tremble with the thought of what’s going to come on-screen next. Prepare yourself for cannibalism, countless plot twists and disturbing mountain folk.

12. Halloween

The first ever Halloween was released in 1978, fast forward forty years and the 2018 version also become an instant classic, too. Halloween nights just aren’t the same without the terrifying showdown between Laurie Strode her masked killer.

13. It

If anyone knows how to pen a good slasher, it’s film writer and director Stephen King. Intended to be watched when hiding behind a cushion (or five), It shows us what happens when seven boys confront a killer clown. Mwhahahaha.