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The Best Feel Good Chick Flicks From The 90s

by Emma Menteath, Editorial Lead

Last week we rounded up the best feel good chick flicks from the 80s and this week we continue with our ultimate 90s round up. There’s no doubt that Julia Roberts makes for the ultimate feel-good character with her big smile and boundless curls appearing at #4 of our 15 must-watch 90s films.

So, dim the lights, pop that popcorn and get ready to cuddle up to some cheesy (in a totally good way) rom coms.

P.S Stay tuned for next week’s 00s roundup.

1. Pretty Woman, 1990

What it's about: Edward Lewis, a successful businessman, needs an escort for a few lined-up social events, so he hires a beautiful prostitute, Vivian, only to fall in love with her.

Iconic line: “Well, colour me happy! There's a sofa in here for two!” – Vivian

2. Sleepless in Seattle, 1993

What it's about: It’s Christmas Eve and a recently windowed man’s son calls a radio talk show in an attempt to find his dad a new partner. Annie, on the other side of the country, hears the show and is immediately convinced that this is the man she should marry. Only problem is she’s already engaged to be married…

Iconic line: “Destiny is something that we’ve invented because we can’t stand the fact that everything that happens is accidental.” – Annie

3. Clueless, 1995

What it's about: A movie about a pampered upper-class girl, Cher, in a Beverly Hills high school who tries to boost a new pupil’s popularity. Cher finds love where she least expects it while looking for her new perfect boyfriend.

Iconic line: “Christian said he’d call the next day, but in boy time that meant Thursday.” - Cher

4. Romeo & Juliet, 1996

What it's about: Shakespeare’s famous play, Romeo and Juliet, gets a modern day makeover in the suburb of Verona, yet still retains its original dialogue. Starring teen heart-throb Leonardo DiCaprio and a wardrobe of fabulous printed shirts.

5. My Best Friend's Wedding, 1998

What it's about: When Julianne Potter’s long-time friend reveals he’s engaged, she suddenly realises she’s been in love with him for years so sets out to win his heart, with only days to go before the wedding.

Iconic line: “It’s amazing the clarity that comes with psychotic jealously.” - George

6. You've Got Mail, 1998

What it's about: Kathleen owns a children’s bookstore in New York which does fairly ok until a mega-chain bookstore owned by Joe begins building across the street. Despite being business rivals in real life, they unwittingly fall in love with each other over the internet with anonymous electronic conversations that begin with the magic words: “You've got mail."

Iconic line: “Let me just say there was a man sitting in the elevator with me who knew exactly what he wanted, and I found myself wishing I were as lucky as he.” - Joe

7. The Wedding Singer, 1998

What it's about: Set in the 80s, Robbie, a singer, and Julia, a waitress, are both engaged, but to the wrong people. Will fortune intervene to help them discover each other?

Iconic line: “Not porno tongue. Church tongue.” – Julia

8. Practical Magic, 1998

What it's about: Two witch sisters, raised by their aunt in a small town, grant spells for love. The only problem is, any man they fall for falls victim to a deadly curse.

Iconic line: “You see that couple here? Well, he’s having an affair with the babysitter and she can eat a pound of cake in under a minute.” – Aunt Jet

9. The Parent Trap, 1998

What it's about: Identical twins, Hallie and Annie, are separated at birth and each raised by one of their biological parents. They later discover during summer camp, that they are related and make plans to bring their parents back together again.

Iconic line: “That girl is, without a doubt, the lowest, most awful creature that ever walked the planet!” – Hallie

10. Shakespeare in Love, 1998

What it's about: The world’s greatest playwright, William Shakespeare, runs out of ideas and is short for cash until he meets his dream woman and is inspired to write one of his most famous plays – Romeo and Juliet

Iconic line: “Can you love a fool?” – William Shakespeare

11. Notting Hill, 1999

What it's about: The life of a small bookstore owner takes a turn for the better when he meets the most famous American film star on the streets of Notting Hill. A romance starts to bloom as his friends and family wonder out loud what he’s doing dating a movie star.

Iconic line: “Nice firm buttocks!” - Spike

12. Drive Me Crazy, 1999

What it's about: Chase and Nicole are next door neighbours - and that’s about all they have in common until Nicole gets dumped right before the big school dance. They stage a relationship to get back at their exes and in the midst of doing so, find that the one they always wanted was closer than they ever realized.

Iconic line: “She’s the kinda girl that will call you on your bullshit. She isn’t afraid to dance, and she offers to pay. She doesn’t decide before a date whether or not she’s gonna kiss you; she’s not earnest, yet she’s not completely iconic either… she orders dessert and she can be ready in ten minutes.” - Chase

13. Never Been Kissed, 1999

What it's about: A newspaper reporter, Josie, enrols in high school as part of research for a story on the state of American youth. Trouble is, Josie was a hopeless nerd in high school and has no idea how to fit in with the cool kids until her brother gives her a crash course in ‘how to be hip’.

Iconic line: “Well, all I can tell you is that when you’re my age, guys will be lined up around the corner for you.” – Sam

14. 10 Things I Hate About You, 1999

What it's about: Popular and beautiful Bianca is in a dilemma, her family forbids her from going on a date until her unpopular and boy-hating sister, Kat, finds a suitor too. In an attempt to win Bianca’s heart, a potential boyfriend attempts to set up Bianca’s sister with a rebel boy whom may just win Kat’s heart.

Iconic line: “Hello Katerina. Make anyone cry today?”

15. Runaway Bride, 1999

What it's about: A reporter, Ike, is assigned to cover a story about a woman, Maggie, who has left a string of fiancés at the altar. He relocates to her hometown only to fall for his subject who he discovers suffers from an identity crisis.

Iconic line: “I like his tight butt!” - Grandma