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The Olsen Twins Netflix Movie Has Convinced Us To Dress Like Them (Again)

by Adam Fletcher

It’s official: 2020 has been the year of big surprises. The latest piece of (good) news to make your jaw hit the floor and stop you in your tracks? Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have hit Netflix.

Yep, on 1st November, our fave fashion duo returned to our screens with their most iconic movie to date, and, let’s just say, the 00s kid in us is absolutely screeeaming with excitement. Don’t get us wrong, we’re totally here for It Takes Two (their first movie to appear on Netflix back in Jan 2019), but there’s something about the fashun in New York Minute that just does it for us a little bit more.

So, to mark this moment, we’ve rounded up all our fave Olsen outfits ever, and they span across four whole decades. Let’s go…


XXL scrunchies ✔Checked pinnies ✔Jelly shoes ✔ At just three years old, the Olsen sisters were already ticking off some major fashion trends & showing us that they know a thing or two about style.


Just one year later, their wardrobes changed considerably. 1990 marked the time that they broke the mould with their looks & started to have fun with different styles.


By 1991, the Olsens were hard at work playing lead roles in Full House, but they were also busy experimenting with oversized fits, headwear and pigtails.


Is it just us, or is their style starting to resemble their wardrobe choices today? Here, they’ve opted for paisley-print dresses, white tights, and western-inspired boots.


What to wear to a video signing in the mid-90s? Woven accessories, shell necklaces, roll-neck tops and sleeveless dresses. It’s MK & Ashley, would you imagine anything else?


By the time the girls had finished filming It Takes Two, their style def. changed again. While out and about in LA, they wore matching loafers, sunglasses, and berets. These looks get two thumbs up from us. 👍 👍


A day out with dad, but make it fashion. In 1997, we saw the Olsen girls arrive in some pastel-heavy looks, and we’re 100% here for it.


Strappy sandals with a coordinating skirt-vest-and-cardi combo? Yep, they did that back in 1998 while attending an ABC event.


Is that a midi skirt with tassels or a tassel-y scarf worn as a skirt? We’re not entirely sure, but the button-through cardis, 90s hairstyles and strappy sandals are everything.


Transitioning from pastels to prints. The Olsens visited Sydney in (you guessed it) coordinating looks but, this time, they’ve gone for patterns that feature bold colours and strong lines.


On the red carpet for the Rush Hour 2 (ahh, memories) film premiere, the stylish sisters stepped out in nice tops, tailored trousers and strappy sandals. So 00s.


The girls definitely know how to put a daytime look together, but their flair for fashion is even more evident when they dress up for events. We adore this pinstripe-suit-and-pointed-shoe combo.


Butterfly prints were major during this decade, which is possibly why the Olsen twins were wearing them on their blouses to the premiere of Goldmember, ofc.


Cord, calling… Why not pick up a coloured corduroy blazer and jeans when announcing your new fashion range with retailer Walmart at just 15 years old? We would.


The Olsens love to play with different silhouettes, and their wardrobes in 2003 were no different. For the Charlie's Angels film premiere, they rocked floaty maxis and kimonos.


When you’ve earned yourself a Hollywood star, you know you’ve made it big. To make the moment more iconic, they sported satin textures, statement earrings & contrasting hair colours.


Nothing quite says ‘2005 Olsen style’ like neutral tones, lace and piles of pearl necklaces.


Two years later, and the girls continue to switch up their hair and wardrobes. Ashley dyed her hair (even) darker for this event, while MK developed her own unique style.


Back to blonde highlights, back to black-and-white looks. This monochrome moment, however, is v. v. v. different to what we’ve seen them wear earlier in 1991 and 1996.


In 2008, oversized ‘bug’ sunglasses became a signature piece in their wardrobes, as did razor-sharp cheekbones and designer bags.


Black & gold. Can you think of a more iconic pairing? The twins might be wearing contrasting dresses, but they still manage to complement each other. Sister goals.


For the Nine film premiere, Ashley illustrates her low-key approach to style but MK’s ‘boho’ vibes are in full force. That harlequin diamond jacket though 😍


When the Olsens are concerned, a picture isn’t complete without a little pout and a great purse. Girls, we salute your style.


FROW calls for an all-black look or neutrals with mock-croc heels. Fact.


Mary-Kate’s jacket choices are pure gold, but the one she wore to the CFDA Awards is beyond epic.


Now you see me, now you…You might feel incognito when you wear sunglasses to a show, but we still see you. We mean, the gold detail on those aviators is hard to miss.


By 2013, the girls hadn’t acted for 9 years, but that just gave them more time to work on their exclusive range with Bik Bok. Come through.


Both equally iconic, the girls turn out two simple, yet show-stopping, looks while on the red carpet. Less is def. more.


Faux fur. Sheer. Embellished. Lace. When Mary-Kate and Ashley create an all-black look, it can never be boring. Ever.


Coordinating days, bye. The girls haven’t sported matchy-matchy looks for years, but we’re not mad about it. We’ll happily accept their all-black and (almost) all-gold offerings 😉


We’re obsessed with the Olsens in monochrome, and monochrome is obsessed with the Olsens. For proof, just look at their looks at the CFDA Fashion Awards in 2017.


Remember the days when they didn’t wear something flowy? Us neither. And, as shown here, a body chain and patchwork print are also things that only girls like the Olsens can pull off.


Leather-look dresses done right. The Olsens are the queens of wearing this texture. How do they do it? With a nipped-in waist, corset-style detail, and voluminous skirt.