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What we’ll be Doing for Make a Difference Day

by Nakhalar Sterling, Senior Copy Editor

With over 300,000 tonnes of clothes thrown into landfill in the UK alone, it’s safe to say that the UK has a problem with waste. According to WRAP, the clothes charity, the average lifetime of a piece of clothing is 2.2 years, and around £140 million worth of clothing is thrown away every year.

As we grow and learn about how we can make fashion friendlier for the planet, it’s facts like these that help us think about how the smallest changes can make a difference.

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to make a difference too, here are a few ideas to get you started…

1. Find New Ways to Wear your Clothes. Again.

It’s all too familiar – Friday night plans arrive and the panic over what to wear sets in. Eight outfit changes and half-an-hour of contemplating later and, still nothing to wear. But what if nothing is something?
That silky satin skirt hanging in your wardrobe could feel like an entirely new outfit with the change of one piece. Think of it this way: what looked good with a cami two weeks ago will look just as good with a rock T-shirt now. Re-wearing what you already have can still feel new with the littles changes, here and there.

2. Invest in Key Pieces That Never Lose their Style Points

There are some looks that we’ve loved for the last five years because they are always in style: skinny jeans, blazers, biker jackets, Chelsea boots… we could go on for hours. They’re the kind of styles that we wear every day.
Making considered investments from time-to-time shapes a wardrobe that you’ll love for the long run.

3. Donate Pre-Loved Clothes to Charity

Those abandoned trousers could have the potential to be loved by someone else, and giving once-loved pieces to charity means it helps to close the loop on fashion.
This year, we have collaborated with Hospice UK, the national charity for hospice care and one of our charity partners, to inspire clothing donations to local Hospice stores.

Find out more on the steps that we’re taking to make fashion cleaner for the planet