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15 Lilac Pick-Me-Ups You’ll Love

by Geneve Anderson - Copywriter

Purple is a bit like marmite—you either love it or hate it. It can be a tricky colour to pull off and might be considered too bold for some who are unsure whether it suits them or don’t want to risk looking like Barney the Dinosaur (no offence to the beloved children’s show character). With that being said, you might want to consider giving a more subtle hue within the purple family a go: lilac. Lilac is super flattering and was hugely popular in the late 90s til early noughties. I mean, who can seriously forget about Lil’ Kim’s one-sleeve lilac jumpsuit at the MTV Video Music Awards red carpet in 1999? In this era, the sweet shade has made a comeback in the fashion scene and we’re (totally) here for it. Which is why we’ve put together 15 lilac pieces to brighten up your day and your wardrobe. Because let’s face it, we could all use a little mood-booster right now.

lilac ribbed knit boxy cardigan

1. Lilac Ribbed Knit Boxy Cardigan - £14.99 £19.99

In case you didn’t get the memo: pastel colours aren’t only reserved for S/S seasons anymore and have become popular during the winter months. Here to make you feel nice and cosy, your other knitwear is going to be jealous when this lilac ribbed cardigan comes along.

lilac broderie collar jumper

2. Lilac Broderie Collar Jumper - £17.24 £22.99

Ready to take your knitwear to the next level? For those looking for something with more fashion flair, opt for this lilac jumper. The contrast broderie collar instantly elevates it and is the reason why we’re obsessed with this piece.

lilac new york embroidered sweatshirt dress

3. Lilac New York Embroidered Sweatshirt Dress - £22.99

This New York sweatshirt dress is an ode to street style. It’s trending, cute and not to mention super comfy. If you want to channel sporty vibes, simply wear yours with a fresh pair of trainers and you’re good to go.

lilac cycling shorts

4. Lilac Cycling Shorts - £5.99 £7.99

We’ve always been a big fan of cycling shorts. For those who want to steer clear from the usual black tones, opting for a softer shade like these lilac ones to give your outfit a nice touch of colour.

lilac bee print t-shirt

5. Lilac Bee Print T-Shirt - £6.74 £8.99

The good news is that basics don’t have to be boring these days. The (even) better news is that we’ve got this adorable bee print T-shirt to sweeten up your daily essentials. For easy styling, you can’t go wrong with jeans and lace-up boots.

lilac double tiered sweatshirt dress

6. Lilac Double Tiered Sweatshirt Dress - £17.24 £22.99

Who doesn’t love a sweatshirt dress? It’s comfy, (seriously) cute and the ultimate wardrobe must-have. With playful details, this tiered hem option is pretty hard to resist, and we don’t blame you if you instantly add it to your bag.

lilac double tiered sweatshirt dress

7. Lilac Fluffy Knit Gem Button Collared Cardigan - £13.00 £22.99

Fluffy knits are guaranteed to add a bit of excitement to your cold-weather wardrobe. This lilac cardigan also features gem buttons that give it some extra sparkle. Looks great with a leather-look skirt and heeled boots.

lilac wonderful logo sweatshirt

8. Lilac Wonderful Logo Sweatshirt - £13.49 £17.99

Ready to feel ‘wonderful’? Look no further than this lilac logo sweatshirt. Whether you’re WFH (like a lot of us are) or having some downtime on the sofa, this comfy wardrobe staple is set to become your go-to.

lilac ribbed knit vest

9. Lilac Ribbed Knit Vest - £5.00 £10.99

Tired of wearing oversized sweats and baggy joggers around the house? For days when you want to feel cute, this lilac ribbed vest is a must. The best part? There’s a matching pair of shorts available to create the perfect co-ord.

lilac ribbed knit shorts

10. Lilac Ribbed Knit Shorts - £8.00

As much as we love joggers, sometimes it’s nice to have a break from them. These lilac ribbed shorts effortlessly combine comfort with style. For a coordinated look on casual days, you can wear yours with the matching knit vest.

lilac ribbed knit maxi cardigan

11. Lilac Ribbed Knit Maxi Cardigan - £13.00

Colder days call for feeling cosy. This soft maxi cardigan in a lovely lilac shade is a great addition to your knitwear collection. For a complete look, wear yours with the matching ribbed vest and shorts. Obsessed? Us too…

lilac ribbed cardigan and cami set

12. Lilac Ribbed Cardigan and Cami Set - £15.99

This cardigan and cami set could be your answer to easy 1-minute dressing. All you have to do is throw on your favourite pair of jeans and you’ve got yourself a stylish outfit that’s perfect for off-duty days.

lilac ribbed knit hoodie

13. Lilac Ribbed Knit Hoodie - £17.99

Does your loungewear need an update? Well, we’ve certainly got a treat for you. Get ready to look cool and feel chill in this can’t-be-without lilac hoodie. It’s soft, comfy and something you’ll want to wear all day, every day.

light purple jersey tie waist shorts

14. Light Purple Jersey Tie Waist Shorts - £5.99 £7.99

Never not comfy and never not cute, these lilac tie-waist shorts are the perfect choice for laid-back days. If you’re not really into bold colours, then this soft-hued piece is great for giving your basics a boost.

lilac frill shoulder jumper

15. Lilac Frill Shoulder Jumper - £19.99

Are you a frill seeker? Then this jumper with playful details on the shoulders is your new wardrobe favourite. We have no doubt that you’ll be wearing it all season and beyond. Your knitwear just got a serious upgrade…