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New Arrivals

18 Coats worth Snapping up for That Extra Brr Factor

by Chloe Wilshere, Content Creator

18 coats worth snapping up for that extra brr factor

New season, new coat…if only it was as simple as that, though.

With hundreds of different options to choose from, when it comes to picking your new season coat, it can make the decision-making process a million times harder.

​​​​​​​ This season there are a bundle of on-trend styles to choose from, too. Will you go for a puffer, trench, aviator, or faux fur? And, to be totally honest, with this line up of 18 coats worth snapping up this winter, we’re not sure if we’ve made this decision harder or easier for you…but at least there’s always the option of snapping up a few 🤷‍♀️🙈

mink soft faux fur maxi coat

1. Mink Soft Faux Fur Maxi Coat - £59.99

It’s time to get cosy with this irresistible mink faux fur maxi coat. Its maxi length is essential for added cosiness – it’ll feel like you never left your bed 🛌.

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light green boxy puffer jacket

2. Light Green Boxy Puffer Jacket - £35.99

Make all your matcha latte dreams come true in this light green boxy puffer jacket 🍵. The perfect practical winter coat choice that’s bang on-trend too.

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3. Black Check Belted Long Coat - £49.99

Looking for something longline and chic to wrap up warm in this winter? Then look no further than this black check belted longline coat. At just £49.99, it’s sure to be a staple in your winter wardrobe for years to come.

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4. Brown Leopard Print Faux Fur Long Coat - £55.99

Cold weather dressing has never looked cuter. And simply it wouldn’t be winter without a faux fur leopard print coat, so if you don’t own one already what are you waiting for?

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camel teddy aviator coat

5. Camel Teddy Aviator Coat - £39.99

It’s time to snuggle up and channel your inner teddy bear with this camel teddy aviator coat 🐻. And at just £39.99 you really can’t go wrong with adding this one to your winter wardrobe.

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black leather-look boxy puffer jacket

6. Black Leather-Look Boxy Puffer Jacket - £45.99

Practicality meets on-trend. This black leather-look puffer jacket is sure to see you battle the winter elements in style this season.

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dark brown faux fur belted long coat

7. Dark Brown Faux Fur Belted Long Coat - £55.99

Been living in your dressing gown? Then this faux fur belted coat is the perfect replacement for when you actually need to leave the house, wrapping up in style has never been so easy.

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camel faux fur hood fitted puffer jacket

8. Camel Faux Fur Hood Fitted Puffer Jacket - £45.99

Looking for that perfect daily walk coat? Then this camel faux fur hood puffer jacket is the perfect option for you. Combining style and practicality, it doesn’t get much better than that.

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light grey fluffy twill collared maxi coat

9. Light Grey Fluffy Twill Collared Maxi Coat - £55.99

It’s time to wrap up because this is the grey fluffy coat that your wardrobe’s been waiting for.

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10. Black Dogtooth Belted Long Coat - £55.99

The IT coat that you’ve seen all over your Instagram feed? Yup, this is the one, so when it’s back in stock you need to snap it up ASAP.

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black faux fur lined leather-look hooded aviator jacket

11. Black Faux Fur Lined Leather-Look Hooded Aviator Jacket - £59.99

The aviator jacket that dreams are made of…on-trend, warm and hooded, it simply doesn’t get much better than that.

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camel hooded boxy puffer jacket

12. Camel Hooded Boxy Puffer Jacket - £35.99

We’re obsessed with neutrals this season, so this camel boxy puffer jacket is amust-have in your new-season wardrobe.

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black check belted long coat

13. Black Check Belted Long Coat - £59.99

If you’re looking for a classic coat to throw over all the loungewear you’ve bought, then look no further than this black check belted longline coat. Great for chucking over a hoodie and joggers, but also versatile enough for when you head back to the office.

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off white faux fur high neck jacket

14. Off White Faux Fur High Neck Jacket - £29.99

It simply doesn’t get much cosier than this off-white faux fur jacket. Perfect for looking cute and embracing the cold weather ⛄❄ .

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black leather-look teddy lined aviator jacket

15. Black Leather-Look Teddy Lined Aviator Jacket - £55.99

This black leather-look teddy aviator jacket is a cold-weather must-have. The essential you need in your winter wardrobe for embracing that brr factor.

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16. Mink Brushed Belted Maxi Coat - £49.99

A maxi coat must-have. You can’t go wrong with this goes-with-everything mink brushed belted maxi coat, it’s sure to get a lot of love and wear in your winter wardrobe this season.

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17. Dark Brown Teddy Faux Fur Long Coat - £49.99

We can’t get enough of huggable teddy textures this season, and how can you ever resist wrapping up in this?

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18. Black Padded Long Puffer Jacket - £55.99

Whether it’s the daily dog walk or the school run, you want a practical coat that’s stylish too. And this black padded longline puffer jacket ticks both those boxes perfectly.

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