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22 Father's Day Gift Ideas

by Adam Fletcher

Just because we can’t celebrate this year's special events the ‘normal way’, doesn’t mean that they aren’t coming through altogether, right? Right. So, if you’re planning to honour your family patriarch this Father’s Day, you’re probably wondering how to show him some much-deserved attention this time around - especially if you don’t live in the same house.

Well, fear not. We've got you covered with our new Father's Day edit, and it’s packed with shorts, striped shirts and other treats that we can deliver straight to your pops for Sunday, June 21st. Plus, if you’ve got multiple dads to send to (shout out to the grandads, father-in-laws & stepdads out there), you might just like our multi-pack mugs and embroidered socks, or the slogan tees and bum bags for under £15 mentioned below. Here are twenty-two gift ideas for dad...

1. The Stripe-Print Shirt - £17.99

If your dad needs some help keeping his summer wardrobe topped up, why not introduce him to this blue-and-white, short-sleeved shirt (and some denim shorts)? Daddy cool.

2. The Denim Jacket - £29.99

Light-wash denim is a failsafe buy, like this long-sleeved denim jacket. Plus, it has a button-front design which is ideal for those drizzly June days & any drops in temps.

3. The Thug Kitchen Book - £18.99

Something that wouldn’t look out of place in your dad’s kitchen, or on his coffee table: 'Eat Like You Give a F*ck'. And, even if he’s not usually the vegan type, he probably will be now.

4. The Backpack - £29.99

For practical gifts, call off the search. With an easy-to-clean fabric, tons of useful pockets and multiple zips (plus loads more features, obvs), this backpack from Mi-Pac literally has it all.

5. The Logo Tee - £12.99

If you’re planning on gifting your dad a logo tee, why not snap one up in a summery shade of purple? Plus, the positive slogan is sure to make him feel good. Win.

6. The Lace-Up Trainer - £22.99

Yes, these lace-up trainers are stylish – but what’s even better is that they’re designed from leather-look fabric (which resembles the appearance and texture of real leather). We’re sold.

7. The Camo Sunglasses - £8.99

Summer’s here, so your dad’s everyday accessories might need a rethink. With larger lenses, a camo design, and an enhanced brow bar, these sunglasses will do just the trick.

8. The Stripe Shirt - £17.99

There’s a chance that your dad hasn’t heard: shirts with revere collars and 50s-inspired prints signal the new season. Luckily, he’s got his favourite offspring (you) to tell him just that.

9. The Sunny Swim Shorts - £9.99

New swim is in. Inspired by vintage colourways and featuring a drawstring design, your dad will want to dive into pairs just like these. Although, the H2O is currently pending.

10. The Bucket Hat - £7.99

We’re blessed with weeks of warm temps, but then come the days (+ days) of drizzle. The solution: a rain-or-sun-ready bucket hat. Oh, Dad'll def like the beige colourway, too.

11. The Sneaker Book - £10

Right, so your dad possibly isn’t sat at home refreshing the fashion blogs for inspo, so you should bring the style to him. We say: gift him this ‘Icons of Style Sneakers’ book. Sorted.

12. The Smile-Worthy Socks - £9.99

Think that your dad’s worth more than socks this year? Think again. These embroidered socks feature something a little more special: embroidered pizzas (& more). Plus, they come as a 5-pack.

13. The Feel-Good Tee - £8.99

Okay, if we had to pick one gift that says ‘I appreciate what you do’ the most, it would have to be this printed logo tee. And isn’t that really all we want our dad to know on Father’s Day? Yup.

14. The Bum Bag - £14.99

The good old bum bag is back but, this time, it’s in a brighter and more stylish version. And, it’s 100% perfect for those post-lockdown, all-expenses-paid family holidays. Thank your dad later.

15. The Lace-Up Boot - £39.99

Trainers not your dad’s thing? No worries. Treat him to these best-selling boots on our site. Not only are they ankle-height and leather-look, but they’re in his favourite shade, too.

16. The Graphic Tee - £11.24 £14.99

Want to avoid your dad giving you awkward-gift face? Aim to make him grin instead with this selfie-print slogan tee. P.S. this one’s been loved by you guys on Insta, so you’ll probably want to cop one yourself, too. And then take a selfie.

17. The Sweatshirt - £19.99

If your dad’s dressed-down style has gone a bit stale, try adding a 90s-inspired sweatshirt into the mix. With the stylish NY lettering and classic light-grey colourway, he’s sure to feel fresh.

18. The Logo Swim Shorts - £8.99

Ok, so holidays and public pools are cancelled, but dad doesn’t need to put his swim shorts on pause. He could wear them like summer shorts now, or save them for potential vacay days ahead (hopefully it won’t be long).

19. A History of Lager Book - £14.99

Sometimes it feels like dads have the answers to life’s most-asked questions. But, we’re guessing that he probably doesn’t know what lager was brewed 500 years ago, or what a pint of beer meant to German monks…Or, perhaps he does?

20. The Lightweight Jacket - £19.99

Tricky weather alert. When it comes to keeping your dad’s wardrobe up to date, it’s all about thin layers like this jacket. Of course, when the day heats up, he can stuff it into his Mi-Pac bag. 😊

21. The Playstation Mugs £12.99

What guy would want one present when he could have two? Our Playstation-printed mugs come as a 2-pack set, so dad might just like to give you one, too. Never say never.

22. The Polo Tee £7.99

Remember, you can never really go wrong with gifting a classic white polo tee, fact. Unsure about what size to get? Tip: it’s best to get one that’s not too tight or loose, somewhere in the middle will do nicely.