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New Arrivals

The Back To Uni Look That’s Perfect For Every Plan

by Chloe Wilshere, Content Creator

Woman wearing stone tie waist shorts and black blazer sitting in park
Woman wearing stone tie waist shorts and black blazer sitting in park

September is fast approaching which means a lot of us will be starting a new term soon. With the majority of schools and universities having been closed since March, you may be feeling uninspired about your new-term looks. And whether it’s your first year at university, or you’re heading back for your 2nd/3rd year, it’s safe to say getting back to it is always a little daunting and we all want to make a great impression (whether in person or virtually).

As fresher’s week won’t be quite the same as it has been in previous years, and will most likely include a lot of virtual events for many, you may be looking to add more versatile outfits to your wardrobe that, for once, aren’t all about getting dressed up.

With more time at home this summer, you’ve probably been studying up ready for the new term (we won’t tell if you haven’t, though 😉) and this definitely means you deserve to treat yourself to some new styles that are perfect for (literally) every plan and will keep you in budget for the year ahead.

So, with that in mind, we’ve rounded up the perfect look for you that won’t break that all-important student loan bank 🤑. Think not-so-basic basics that can be dressed up or down - perfect for lectures, that all-important enrolment photo and for any fresher’s events that you have coming up. An outfit that does all that and doesn’t cost the earth? Nope, you’re not dreaming, we promise. 💭

Our stone tie-waist shorts are the perfect throw-on-and-go staple for your back-to-uni wardrobe, and at just £12.99 they’re certainly within that all-important student loan budget. Pair your new stone shorts with a simple white racerback vest, which we’re sure you’ll want several of as it goes with just-about everything; from studying, to the gym, to wearing it to chill around your accommodation on those days you’re feeling a little worse for wear, we promise you’ll be getting your wear (and tear) out of this essential £4.99 vest. Then, for that all-important enrolment photo, first impressions, and study days in the library you’ll want a chic black blazer. The ideal combination of smart and stylish, it’s the versatile piece your back-to-uni wardrobe has been waiting for that is also purse-friendly. Whether you’re at the library or the bar, there’s not many pieces of clothing that can do both, but this blazer sure can. We suggest completing the look with a simple pair of black leather sandals for the day and then, at night, try swapping your sandals for a pair of strappy heels to instantly get yourself the perfect outfit for any fresher’s celebrations your uni is organising.

So, whilst things may be a little different as you head to uni this year, we’re sure you’re going to get used to your new normal pretty quickly and have a whale of time 🐋, especially with your new go-to versatile wardrobe. 👚👡👜🎓