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Ways To Wear

4 Different Ways To Wear Men’s Jeans

by Adam Fletcher, Copywriter

“I’ve had the same jeans on for four days now.” If you don’t remember these catchy lyrics from the first time around – they’re the 10 trending words that were sung by our favourite indie band The View in the late 2000s – the chances are that, over a decade later, you’ll still be able to relate to them just as well as we did back then. And why wouldn’t you? Fellas, correct us if we’re completely off track but, when you find exactly the right pair of jeans, don’t you (quite literally) feel like you never want to take them off again? Ever. Forever ever.

Let us explain… If they’re comfortable, the perfect fit, and go with everything you already own (and everything new that you’re thinking of investing in), you’ll quite possibly find yourself reaching for the same pair(s) day after day, week after week, plan after plan, and, well, our list goes on and on. Hey, if it ain’t broke... One of the most iconic men in fashion, king of denim Jean Touitou, seems to agree, too. His bold advice for making sure that The Ones (a.k.a. his ideal pair of jeans) last for as long as possible? “Don’t wash them”, of course. What we’re trying to say is that jeans are so much more than a fleeting trend, they’re a staple piece in every guys’ wardrobe – and that’s not about to change anytime soon.

But, jeans... What’s all the fuss about? When you separate them from the chinos, joggers and suit trousers you own, aren’t they just cotton that’s synthetically dyed in an indigo shade? Far from it. Let us explain: jeans are one of the rare styles that we can wear for an entire range of events. Whether it’s casual pub sessions, parties with pals, work or weekend walks, us men seem to wear jeans more than any other item in our wardrobes. And, trust us, we’ve got the facts to prove it. Did you know that close to 75% of people living in the UK look to jeans when going for drinks and meals with mates, and, almost seven in ten wear them when at restaurants or when hanging out with friends? Guys, our denim flex is seriously strong.

However, if jeans are so commonly worn by men, why is it that reports indicate that 29% of guys expressed that they’re not able to find well-fitting jeans? It might be that a friend or fashion publication informed you that a particular style was “having a huge comeback” – but it never exactly had its moment, the way that you had hoped it would. Or, perhaps you’re simply overwhelmed and confused by the myriad styles that are currently available on the market - New Look alone has five different fits to choose from. Whatever the case, none of us like to wear ill-fitting denim. So, to help you out, we’ve spoken to our fashion team and they’ve given us the green light on the styles that every guy needs for spring, how they were made to fit, and some recommendations on what to style with them. Expect to find some new additions (take note of the updated skinny style and the utility jeans) and a few all-time classics thrown in there as well.

1. Slim Fit Jeans

How should slim jeans fit...

The slim jean is up first. Close-cut, but not too skinny (it’s made from stretch denim), these slim jeans are ideal for both smart and casual looks. The waist is mid-rise, which means that they should sit at the waist. Don’t forget: there’s a roomier fit through the hip and thigh.

What to wear with slim jeans...

Complete the look with a check-print shirt, a lightweight jacket and white trainers. Plus, we’re styling them with turned-up cuffs: it’s simple styling tricks like this that make it seem like you’ve made an effort but in a super low-key way.

2. Cargo Jeans

How should utility cargo jeans fit...

If you’re just starting to get into the whole utility look, these jeans are the ideal place to begin. They feature zips, plenty of pockets (how practical), one of our most classic fits (relaxed), and a slightly tapered ankle (again, perfect for wearing rolled up).

What to wear with utility cargo jeans...

You will want… a white T-shirt, a key utility shacket (because, it’s early spring, right?), and trainers. Job done. It’s that simple.

3. Skinny Jeans

How should skinny jeans fit...

If you want to be slightly more brave with your choice of jeans – but not too bold – we think that your best option is to try the skinny jean. They might look like they fit tightly on the calves and quads, but the skinny stretch allows for some movement, too.

What to wear with skinny jeans...

Right, so the next step: your sartorial choices. Think a little smart-casual with a polo shirt (zip-front detail, necessary) and white trainers. Pub trips and parties have never looked so good – until now.

4. Straight Leg Jeans

How should straight leg jeans fit...

In our eyes, straight leg jeans are 100% stylish - there’s (literally) no sign of them ever going out of fashion. So, with that in mind, shouldn’t most of your jeans be straight leg? They’re fitted through the seat and thigh, but the leg is straight from hip-to-ankle – just how you like it.

What to wear with straight leg jeans...

When it comes to your look we’re saying ‘110% yes’ to a red-and-white striped shirt, a simple T-shirt and some lace-up shoes. So fresh, so clean.