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Ways to Wear

4 Micro Trends You’ll See Everywhere this Autumn

by Lauren-Nicole, Guest Author

Autumn is officially upon us, and many of us are making that transition from our beloved and fun-feeling summer wardrobes to what can almost feel like a dark and pale autumn-winter wardrobe, in comparison. But the good looks, good vibes and good style doesn't have to stop. In a bid to keep me from having those summer blues and missing my summer dresses, I've taken on the challenge to try out all the micro trends this season has to offer. From the Emily in Paris inspired "boutique sass" to the get down and feel good, "70s style", I've found an outfit for every occasion and every trend. And hopefully, some new pieces that will lift and soften the blow of summer being behind us.

1. That 70s Feeling

Let's take it back to when florals, bell-bottoms, platform shoes and bold colours were the staple pieces in a girl’swardrobe. The 70s is known for its great music, carefree vibes and iconic stars like Cher, David Bowie, Diana Ross and Debbie Harry. Like clockwork every year, a designer will take inspiration from those good old days, and we'll all reminisce about the fashion, makeup and poise.

​​​​​​​For this season, I decided to bring in the boho vibes, pairing this floral dress, with an aviator jacket, ankle boots and bag, for an off-to-have-a-pub-lunch look. A modern-day 70s-inspired outfit - I love it.

2. Checkmate

I love a game of checkers, and I love a checked blazer. Whether it's spring-summer or autumn-winter, blazers are always a go-to piece. Between how easy they are to style, and how 'chic' they make me feel, they are my go-to "I don't know what to wear" option and my "I want to look like I'm bossing it at life" option.

For the checkmate trend, I incorporated this black check double-breasted blazer, to transform what would typically be an average, and slightly dull all-black ensemble—throwing the blazer over my shoulders for a more modish Parisian aesthetic. Paired with a classic red lipstick, and silver crystal earrings, this outfit takes on its own Emily in Paris vibe, that almost makes me want to jump on the Euro Star and never look back.

​​​​​​​Should you want to dress this trend down, a basic white T-shirt with a pair of dark blue jeans and white trainers would look equally as stylish. And should you want to layer it up, to stay warm and add more dimension to the outfit, throw on a long coat, I'd opt for something bright and colourful, but even the choice of a pale grey long belted coat is great.

3. Bright Florals

Despite not being the biggest fan of all things floral (cue Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada quote) I do love a dress that takes minimal effort to style, and more importantly has a pop of colour. As an advocate for "go bold or go home", a dress that commands attention and is eye-catching has me written all over it. This bright pink tiered dress is the perfect choice for any occasion. Whether you're heading out for Sunday brunch with your family, popping into the supermarket, or walking your dog, this easy-breezy dress is your perfect match.

​​​​​​​For a mysterious "is she dressed up or dressed down" look, I paired this dress with black faux croc block heel ankle boots and a classic black bag— with the addition of a black leather-look jacket to finish it off. For a more laid-back style, the dress could also be worn with a pair of white trainers and a cropped denim jacket. Not bad for a girl that typically steers away from a good old floral print.

4. Boutique Sass

Boutique sass is one of my favourite trends. It feels very much like a juicy season of Made In Chelsea where the cast is continuously out drinking champagne, gossiping over fancy dinners, attending lush parties, and looking absolutely fabulous while doing so. A lifestyle that quite frankly feels like a distant memory for many of us. But even if your weekly gossips over a steak tartare have been postponed, there's no need not to dress up. That's my philosophy anyway. To me, boutique sass is about being effortlessly chic. It's European inspired, minimalistic in many ways, but says a lot. It's reminiscent of Victoria Beckham, and Olivia Palermo - who I referred to as one of my style icons for many years.

Have you ever put on an outfit that causes you to walk differently? Head held high, shoulders back? That's how this trend makes me feel, and as a result, I had to show you two ways I'd tackle this trend: one slightly more casual than another which is equally as fierce but with boss-babe vibes.

For the first look, I wanted to take a more sophisticated, edgy approach, where the coat does most of the talking. Despite not necessarily being bright, it's definitely bold. A black dogtooth coat paired very simply with the black jeans and boots screams "fierce".

For a more 'model of duty'/casual Victoria Beckham inspired look, the pairing of this black blazer, white turtleneck, jeans and trainers, makes for Friday business attire. And even if you're working from home, this outfit lets everyone know you’re still the one in charge.

​​​​​​​Guest editorial by @LaurenNicoleFK