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Ways to Wear

Coffee with Hailey. 5 Looks We Can’t Wait to Recreate for Our Next Coffee Run

by Emma Menteath

hailey bieber street style

23-year-old supermodel, Hailey Bieber, knows a thing or two about putting together a trendy look… and grabbing the best coffee in town. It’s for this very reason we’ve turned to her to get 5 top tips for dressing for your next coffee run out. Because, like Hailey, that seems to be the only thing we can do out at the moment 😝.

Whether you’re grabbing coffee post workout or mom’s just called to meet up for a hot drink (same household, of course), thanks to Hailey we feel like we’re safely, and stylishly, covered for that next caffeine rush…

Now all we need is a charged phone because duh we’ve got to document it for social 😉.

hailey bieber walking on a street, wearing black maxi coat, light blue jeans and white top

1. An Oversized Coat

Lesson numero uno à la Hailey Bieber is how to dress up your basics. We’re talking about that trusty pair of jeans you’ve been wearing all year long and a simple white tee.

The trick here is to add one or two trendy additions to this trustworthy combo. Like an oversized belted coat and those must-have chunky ankle boots you’ve been seeing all over your social media. Your basics just got ‘Hailey-ed’.

hailey bieber wearing matching white cropped jumper, white joggers and white trainers

2. A Matching Set

For your next lesson in how to dress for your morning coffee run, we turn to the ever-so-trusty matching set.

If there’s one look that 99% of us have adopted during 2020 no matter our usual style, it’s loungewear. We’re talking joggers, hoodies, throw on trainers and oversized accessories, like Hailey’s slouchy beanie. It’s that #IJustWokeUpLikeThis (shh, even if you didn’t) kind of vibe that screams effortless coolness that we just can’t get enough of. P.S bum bag highly recommended, this way you can add a pastry to that coffee order of yours.

hailey bieber holding cup of coffee, wearing cream button up cardigan and jeans

3. A Super Cute Cardigan

Mom’s called, and she wants to meet for coffee. But the last 5 times you met up with her she saw you in your loungewear and it might just be time to wash that hair of yours and dress up… just a little 😉.

Take inspo from Hailey and opt for a cute and cosy button-up cardigan with a pair of your favourite jeans. If we‘re asking too much from you to dress up in heels, we suggest trading them out for a pair of on-the-go trainers. Hmmm, did someone say ice latte?

hailey bieber wearing khaki puffer jacket, black jeans and white trainers

4. Undercover Cool

Lesson number 4 – how to hide from the paparazzi AKA your overly chatty neighbour 😝.

Take cover like Hailey under a statement cap and…what’s that? Your phone just buzzed? Better get that…wink wink. For bonus style points, match your coat to your cap for an effortless look that says ‘yup, I’m totally put together’. Joggers ✔️ trainers ✔️ coffee – coming on up.

justin and hailey bieber walking on the street

5. Steal Your BF's Hoodie

Your final lesson in dressing for your morning coffee run courtesy of Hailey Bieber is all about stealing your BF’s (or partner’s 😊) clothing.

Hailey does it so often we’ve started to wonder whether she is actually wearing Justin’s clothes or whether Justin is wearing hers. But in all seriousness, we can’t get over how cosy we feel in an extra-large, totally oversized sweatshirt or hoodie teamed with a comfy pair of cycling shorts and, of course, our faithful face covering (another 2020 necessity). Top tip here: Opt for the biggest possible jumper size. The more oversized it is, the better.