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Ways to Wear

Wish You Were Here? 4 Virtual Holiday Ideas We Love

by Chloe Wilshere, Content Creator

This week I was lucky enough to take a step back from reality and go on a trip around the world… okay I’m only joking but I quite literally did transport myself to a different place from the comfort of my own living room… and you can definitely do the same.

So if you’re gutted that your upcoming holiday has been cancelled, and that this month marked the start of festival season in the UK, then I’ll take you on a brief trip around the world and how you can dress for the occasion.

1. Brunch in Paris…Or Your Dining Table

Ohh to be sat on a rickety table in a random backstreet at a café you liked the look of and enjoying the Parisian sun and eating all the croissants to your hearts content…sounds like the dream right?

Now I hate to break to you that I wasn’t actually in Paris, hard to believe I know. But getting dressed up in a puff sleeved top, linen shorts, throwing a bedsheet (yes bedsheet) over my dining room table, eating croissants and embracing the scorching sun through the windows I promise you was just as much fun. A little bit of Parisian music in the background really helped to nail the vibe too.

2. Glastonbury…In Your Garden

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be gutted that this month truly marked the start of festival season in the UK. With the likes of Lovebox, Wireless, Isle of Wight and Glastonbury festival set to take place this month, those of us with tickets are gutted that we’re missing out on seeing some of our favourite acts…but there’s absolutely no stopping you from dressing up in the garden, inviting a few pals over, enjoying drinks and blaring out your favourite artists through the speakers.

And if you’re going to do it, do it in style, Boho dresses were set to be the festival trend of the season, so throw on a boho dress, biker boots, fringed bag, retro sunnies and a stylish hat that will also keep the heat at bay.

3. A Brisk Walk Around Italian Streets… Or a Walk To The Local Supermarket

Walking around cobbly Italian backstreets in the scorching sun seems like the ideal thing to be doing right now, and although that may not be possible. There was certainly no stopping me from throwing my best sight-seeing, city strolling uniform on (denim shorts, a logo tee and trainers - always!) and taking my weekly stroll to the supermarket and pretending, dreaming, and envisioning that it was the old cobbly backstreets of Italy, so there should be no stopping you!

4. Sunbathing on a Tropical Island… Or Your Decking

The sound of waves crashing against the shore, and birds chirping in the distance, yep that’s the kind of sounds I searched for to listen to when sunbathing on my decking to quite literally transport myself to a hot tropical island, I felt like I was living the dream.

And better yet, I had the perfect swimsuit to do it in, who doesn’t love a brightly coloured floral swimsuit to enjoy the sun and perfect their tan in?