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15 Times Bella Hadid Brought Back the 90s

by Chloe Wilshere, Content Creator

In the last few years, Bella Hadid has gone from Gigi’s little sister to one of the biggest supermodels to date. And whilst she kills the looks on the runway, we’re also obsessed with her off-duty style.

If there’s one era Bella nails effortlessly every time, it’s got to be the 90s. She may have only been a child when these looks were cool the first time around, but that hasn’t stopped her making them cool again…even if some of them were trends we’d hoped we’d never see again.

​​​​​​​So, in honour of all things 90s, we’ve rounded up 15 times Bella Hadid brought back the 90s.

Bella Hadid wearing a jumper dress with Chanel logo

1. Logo Jumper Dresses

The 90s were all about flaunting big bold logos and 2020 is no different - except Bella makes them look a whole lot more chic than they did back then.

Bella Hadid wearing black cycling shorts and light blue jumper

2. Cycling Shorts

From Princess Diana’s go-to in the 90s to Bella Hadid’s go-to now. Over the past few years cycling shorts have become a timeless classic – one that we certainly weren’texpecting. We also love how Hadid’s styled her cycling shorts with a 90s bowling bag and larger-than-life headband.

Bella Hadid wearing black jacket, trousers and trainers

3. Details

A look doesn’t get much more 90s than this. Skimpy, strappy, barely-there details were huge in the 90s and we only wish we could pull them off like Bella does. Not to mention everything else 90s about this look: the pinstripe blazer, tinted sunglasses and dollar bill also steal the show.

Bella Hadid wearing waistcoats and striped trousers

4. Waistcoats

Waistcoats as tops were big in the 90s – Drew Barrymore was a keen advocate of this trend - and Bella is certainly bringing them back in 2020. A slightly more slouchy style to the tailored waistcoat we are typically used to, but it’s safe to say we are (definitely) here for it.

Bella Hadid wearing white crop top with pink low rise trousers and camel jacket

5. Crop Tops and Low Rise Trousers

A 90s trend that only Bella Hadid could bring back and make us all want to wear – if only it was as easy as that. There’s no chance we’ll be getting that much midriff on show any time soon.

Bella Hadid wearing brown cardigan with orange jacket and black trousers

6. Cardigans

If there’s one 90s trend we’re glad has come back around this year, it has to be the cardigan. And Bella’s styled it up in the most 90s way possible: chunky boots, a bucket hat and a leather coat – it doesn’t get much more 90s than that.

Bella Hadid wearing oversized brown blazer with white top and black trousers

7. Oversized Blazers

Julia Roberts, is that you? Nope it’s just Bella Hadid in a very similar blazer to Julia’s iconic oversized suit look at the 1990 Golden Globe Awards.

Bella Hadid next to a car wearing black top with diamante elements, trousers and diamante sandals

8. Diamante Details

While Bella has many iconic looks, this has to be one for the history books - we love everything about it. Who knew a look could be so simple but so extra at the same time?

Bella Hadid wearing corset top with brown cargo trousers

9. Corsets and Cargo Pants

If you had to name two trends that were huge in the 90s, cargo pants and corset tops would definitely be up there. And as queen of 90s style, Bella obviously had to have a look pairing them both together.

Bella Hadid wearing denim top with denim shirt and jeans

10. Double Denim

Let’s be honest, we’ve all got a love-hate relationship with that Britney and Justin double denim moment. But if there’s anyone that could make the iconic 90s trend cool again, it’s obviously Bella Hadid.

Bella Hadid wearing oversized grey suit

11. Oversized Suit

We loved an oversized suit in the 90s, but we love them even more now. So, as queen of 90s style it was only right for Bella to wear one at some point.

Bella Hadid wearing white puffer coat with blue cargo trousers and white t-shirt

12. Puffer Coat

Looking like you’ve just stepped off the slopes in the 90s is the only way to do winter fashion according to Bella’s outfit.

Bella Hadid wearing sport trousers, top and jacket

13. Sportswear

Taking inspiration once again from the 90s princess herself (Princess Di, obviously), we love this simple 90s sportswear look. One that we definitely want to recreate.

Bella Hadid wearing pinstripe suit set and corset

14. Corset Details & Pinstripes

Nobody does out-out style quite like Bella does. And this one exudes everything we love about the 90s. Corset details, pinstripes, split trousers and those all-important strands of hair.

Bella Hadid wearing matching leather trousers with top and jacket

15. Head to Toe Leather

In true Matrix style, Bella obviously had to have a head-to-toe leather look somewhere in her wardrobe. And it wouldn’t be a true 90s outfit if It wasn’t finished off with some tinted sunglasses and 90s shoulder bag.