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18 Ways Celebs are Wearing the Tie-Dye Trend

Hannah Rose, Copywriter

A fashion trend that looks good and lifts your mood? We’re in. Say ‘hi’ to tie-dye. No longer just for festivals, tie-dye fashion is here, there and everywhere right now and we’re not going to lie, we’re totally obsessed. Mood-boosting, eye-catching and seriously selfie-worthy, the tie-dye trend is one that we can definitely get onboard with (again). Yep, 90s tie-dye outfits have made the coolest comeback and they’re looking better than ever before.

Covering everything from sweatshirts to dresses alike, tie-dye fashion is no longer just for the brave souls or inner hippies amongst us - anyone and everyone can pull off the tie-dye trend, and with the help of our favourite celebrities wearing tie-dye, we’re going to show you how. So, whether you’re normally a fan of florals or spots are more up your street, it’s time to put your beloved favourites aside (for now) and make way in your wardrobe for something a little different, a little brighter and a little bolder. Yep, when it comes to tie-dye style, there’s nothing subtle about it. But come on, who wants subtle anyway?!

​​​​​​​If the thought of rocking the tie-dye fashion trend makes you want to cling onto your neutrals like never before, we’re here to convince you otherwise. How, you ask? By showing you the best tie-dye outfits, like ever. From Lizzo’s bold two-piece to Hailey Bieber’s cute tie-dye outfit, we’ve rounded up the best looks to give you some tie-dye inspo for the months ahead. Whether it’s for lazy days or plans with friends, our style icons are here to teach you exactly how to wear tie-dye, so you’ll be a tie-dye fashion expert in no time at all. Sound good? Keep reading to find out the tie-dye outfit ideas we’ll most definitely be copying this season (and every other).

1. Easy Dressing

Meet the 1-minute outfit: leggings and sweats. Alessandra Ambrosio makes the classic combo that bit more exciting with a touch of tie-dye style. Comfy, cool and seriously easy, this is the best tie-dye outfit for running errands (or clothes shopping) in.

2. Colourful Tailoring

As well as demonstrating how to incorporate the tie-dye trend into a smart outfit, Donna Wallace shows us how to look put together even when we feel far from it – by coordinating your accessories, of course. Totally Barbie-esque, we love it.

3. Leather-Look Coords

Okay, so leather-look is all the rage right now, and as you know from above, so is tie-dye fashion. Although we love both separately, we love them together (even) more. Plus, Lucy Williams proves it’s super-easy to pull off both.

4. Dress Code: Effortless

Logo sweats and mom jeans are a match made in fashion heaven, and Jade knows just how to pull off that effortless look with this relaxed silhouette. It’s the easy to copy tie-dye hoodie outfit you can wear on repeat. And that, we will be doing.

5. Casual Chic

Seeing as we can’t be Hailey Bieber, we can certainly copy her cute tie-dye outfits. She knows just how to nail 2-mile fashion with this colourful set and throw-on hoodie. It’s the best tie-dye look for off-duty days.

6. Oversized Everything

Lily Allen proves that slouchy silhouettes are more than just comfy, they look good, too. An alternative to loungewear on lazy days and an effortless outfit for when you’re out and about, this is the tie-dye outfit idea to take you from sofa to socialising. Just add a bag and sunnies.

7. Head-to-toe Tie Dye

Could an all-in-one get any more fun? Like, seriously. Kaia Gerber makes pulling off head-to-toe tie-dye fashion seem easy. Not only does it look cool, it requires zero effort and gives serious impact. It’s the one-and-done outfit we can’t get enough of.

8. Mesh Moments

It kind of reminds us of something Kelly Kapowski would have worn and we’d have gone crazy for it. Years later, we’re still going crazy. Indira Scott brings joggers and a nice top to a whole new level with this mesh and frills style we’re absolutely obsessed with.

9. A Smart Twist

Tie-dye fashion meets tailoring to bring a different twist to the trend. Hoodies aren’t just for lounging in, you know. Take them up a notch with city shorts, socks and loafers. Can’t decide whether to go smart or casual? This one’s for you…

10. Boho Casual

Who would have thought boho casual could be a thing? Well, it is and we don’t know about you, but we’re loving it. Tone down floaty midis with trainers for a tie-dye outfit idea that’s comfy yet still (seriously) pretty. Heels? No thanks.

11. Sporty, But Fashion

You may be glad to hear (we definitely were) that matching tops and bralettes are no longer just for the gym. Why waste such a cool set by getting sweaty in it? Whether you’ve got jobs to do or you’re simply chilling, here’s some tie-dye inspo for dress-down days. No workout required.

12. Pared-down Colours

Used to wearing black, black and nothing but black? Then Lucy Hale is here to show you the easiest way to add tie-dye fashion into your wardrobe. Yep, not-too-much-yet-still-colourful sweats pared down with black leggings. Easy peasy.

13. Contrasting-n-cool

Lizzo makes our favourite cycling shorts look (even) better…by getting them in colourful tie-dye prints and teaming with a contrasting sweater. It’s statement tie-dye style at its best. The 90s would have been all over this…

14. Tie-Dye, Made Tough

Combining 3 trends in 1, Demi Sims knows how to stay ahead of the game. Utility details and leather-look fabrics give the tie-dye trend that tough edge we didn’t think was possible from such a bright print. Conclusion: it works, and we love it.

15. Mood-Boosting Brights

All about standing out? Then you’ll love this tie-dye outfit idea. Rainbow shades and coordinated pieces create a just-off-the-catwalk outfit sure to rack up allll those likes on Insta. It’s the best tie-dye look for dull days. Who needs the sun anyway?

16. Tonal Style

Even just looking at Miss Goulding in this bright number lifts our mood. Like, how can you not be happy wearing tie-dye fashion. For a serious statement, follow Ellie and match your trainers too. It’s a real head-turner.

17. Matchy-matchy Denim

Bored of wearing the same jeans day in, day out? Give your classics a colourful twist with a splash of tie-dye style. Even better, go matchy-matchy with a denim jacket. It’s safe to say, double denim has never looked better…

18. Couple Goals

After 3. 1, 2, 3 ‘awwwww’. Looking for casual tie-dye outfit ideas? Think bright sweats toned down with jeans or joggers and coordinated with your other half. Boyfriend not convinced? Show him this pic and he soon will be.