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How Celebrities Did Loungewear in The 90s

by Chloe Wilshere, Content Creator

There’s not a day that goes by where we’re not wearing something that’s influenced by the 90s – after all, it is one of our favourite decades for all things fashion-related. And this year there’s one 90s trend that we’ve all been living in; thanks to more time spent at home and not much else to do other than go for a walk in the park, it is, of course, our beloved loungewear.

​​​​​​​And whilst pictures of celebrities in their 90s loungewear ensembles aren’t the easiest of images to come by thanks to the paps not following them around every minute of the day back then, we’ve done some digging to round up 16 of our favourite 90s celebrity loungewear looks.

1. Julia Roberts

90s Julia Roberts is our autumn mood. Trackies, a bomber jacket, trainers, a beanie cap and a takeaway in hand, it’s definitely everything we plan to be doing and wearing this season.

2. Sarah Jessica Parker

Good news for all – SJP’s iconic 90s fluffy cardigan is back on our radar this autumn ; we can’t wait for all the cosy fuzzy vibes.

3. Naomi Campbell

Half-zip sweaters were a way of life in the 90s and they’re a way of life again now, too. We can’t wait to start channelling our inner Naomi Campbell this autumn with a half-zip sweat and side-stripe trackies.

4. Princess Diana

Princess Diana has always, and will always, be the ultimate 90s loungewear muse. She was cool in her sweats and cycling shorts then, but she is (even) cooler to us all now.

5. Kate Moss

It’s official – cardigans are back and Kate Moss is totally our muse for how we plan to wear them this autumn . With a white cami underneath and just a few buttons done up – it’s the 90s look we all want to recreate.

6. Mel C

Two-piece loungewear sets were major in the 90s and they’re major again now – after all, they’re what we’ve been living in for the past 6 months.

7. Pamela Anderson

We may not be catching flights like Pamela this autumn, but we sure can copy her 90s loungewear look. Leggings , an oversized knit and biker boots is sure to be our autumn uniform.

8. Emma Bunton

Emma’s 90s airport style is a total mood. Don’t mind us when we pop to the shops having recreated Emma’s cropped leggings, oversized hoodie and flatform sandals look.

9. Halle Berry

Even Halle Berry’s broken foot didn’t stop her from channelling the ultimate 90s-cool vibes. Her nylon joggers , logo tee and slim 90s shades are definitely a look we’d recreate today.

10. Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts was an ultimate 90s loungewear muse – so much so that she’s made the cut twice. In true 90s fashion, dungarees are back on our radar and they’re the all-in-one comfort we need this autumn.

11. Tamara Beckwith

Matching your outfit to the dog has never looked so chic. We’re living for Tamara’s matching cream two-piece set – and,lucky for us, they’ve never been so easy to find to recreate the exact look.

12. Nicole Kidman

Running has never looked so cool. Nicole Kidman nailed the 90s athleisure look with her simple black leggings and sweatshirt ensemble – we can only dream of ever looking this cool on our morning runs.

13. J Lo

Going out out has never looked so cool. After a year of living in our loungewear, even when we head out-out we’ll be taking a few leaves from J Lo’s book by styling up some nylon joggers with a cropped blazer and trainers.

14. Sarah Duchess of York

The 90s look we didn’t know we needed to recreate so badly until now. We are living for the Duchess of York’s mismatched polka dots look with an oversized cardigan and trainers. Let’s be honest, the royal family’s looks were definitely cool in the 90s.

15. Geri Halliwell

It doesn’t get much more iconic than the velour 90s two-piece tracksuits. We all wanted one then and we all want one again now; after all, they were the epitome of 90s style.

16. Marla Maples

If you scroll down your Instagram feed, you’re bound to spot a few influencers donning Marla’s exact look. Relevant then and relevant now: flared leggings, a hoodie, a cap and dad trainers are all we ever want to be wearing.