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Who's Wearing What

It’s Christina Aguilera’s Birthday, Here Are Her Most Iconic Looks

by Adam Fletcher

It’s official: on this very day forty years ago, Xtina starting gracing the globe with her good vocals and great fashion. Thought you knew everything there was to know about the queen of chin piercings and chaps? You might want to think again.

To celebrate her 40th birthday, our Fashion Team took a deep dive into the celebrity archives and resurfaced 28 legendary looks from the Haus of Aguilera. And, let’s just say, there are a few wigs and wardrobe moments that must have slipped through the net the first time around. Who knew that she had the cutest brunette moment in 2004, and picked a pearl-encrusted gown for the Annual American Music Awards last year? Not us…

christina aguilera on the mickey mouse club poster

Mouseketeer Days

Just in case you didn’t already know, The Mickey Mouse Club launched the careers of some of our fave celebs today: Brit, JT, Ryan Gosling and, of course, Christina.

christina aguilera at 1999 alma awards

Why Not…Wear All-Black

In 1999, Aguilera was all about channelling goth-gunge with choker necklaces and tonnes of black tulle. We can 100% relate.

christina aguilera sends air kiss at mtv music awards

For The Love Of Leopard Print

A few seasons later, Christina wore less black but she kept those alt vibes coming through by way of a leopard-print jacket , messy blonde hair and over-the-knee boots .

christina aguilera holds grammy award trophy

Christina The Trendsetter

Remember, Christina did it first. Paris Hilton may have partied in a glittery mini dress for her 21st birthday, but our girl Xtina sashayed into the Grammys wearing a shiny mini dress two years earlier. Just saying…

christina aguilera at grammy awards

Two-Piece Perfection

If you really know Xtina’s style, you can vouch for the following: she loved a coordinating look. One of the first matching outfits we could find is this look from the year 2000.

christina aguilera waiving to camera at alma awards 2000

Python, Please

We want to wear that snake-print dress with strappy sandals today.

christina aguilera wearing black matching vest and trousers

Back In Black

Christina might have started repping dark colourways again, but she started adding diamanté belts , glittery necklaces and waistcoats. Can you think of anything more suitable in Y2K2? Nope.

christina aguilera at zootopia concert

Denim Delivery

This jean skirt is evidence that Christina can slay a low-key look.

christina aguilera at mtv music awards 2000

Less Is Always More

Only Christina can take an animal-print dress up 100 notches with just a few cut-out details and a gold necklace.

christina aguilera at latin grammy awards

Something About Sequins

If Christina had a spirit animal, we bet it would be a magpie. Honestly, try to find one look that doesn’t involve sequins, diamonds or a belly chain. Plus, can we just appreciate her makeup game for a moment? F-l-a-w-l-e-s-s.

christina aguilera at blockbuster entertainment awards

She Wore Red Velvet

…And looked 100% epic while doing.

christina aguilera at world music awards 2001

Give It Some Tassels

Tassel details had a major moment in the early 00s and, in our eyes, Christina had something to do with it.

christina aguilera at moulin rouge film premiere

All-White Wardrobe

Hands up if you’d also pair a two-piece suit with a matching bucket hat for a film premiere with Jorge Santos. Same.

christina aguilera at mtv music awards at the metropolitan opera house

Denim Doesn’t Disappoint

Christina needs several trophies for making this look work. It’s not easy to pull of patchwork denim and a deconstructed cami top at the same time.

christina aguilera at mtv awards at radio city music hall

Short And Sweet

Not sure which of Christina’s looks is the most iconic? It’s staring at you right now

christina aguilera at mtv awards, barcelona 2002

The Aguilera Accessory

Hats are the unrecognised heroes from the Aguilera achieve, so we’re giving them all the attention they deserve. Spotlight currently on: the cord fedora.

christina aguilera at the american music awards, 2003

Early Utility

By 2003, Christina was just getting into dressing ‘utility’. A pair of cropped cargo trousers and tan coloured sandals were the best we had back then.

christina aguilera at mtv video music awards, radio city music hall 2003

Birds Of A Feather

Adding neon pink feathers to a mini dress was a good idea in 2003, and it’s a great idea today.

christina aguilera at jean paul gaultier haute couture show for spring

Best Of The Bunch

Florals, in spring? Yep, and they become even more ground-breaking when worn with a cute fringe and a 70s-style bag .

christina aguilera at 46th grammy awards arrivals, los angeles

Swish, Swish

We don’t know about you, but we think that this lilac tassel dress is so 2020.

christina aguilera at dawn of the dead film premiere

Jeans, A Nice Top And A Tan

Xtina was forever bronzed for the gods, especially when she wore ¾ length jeans and short sleeve shirts .

christina aguilera mtv movie awards, los angeles 2004

Vintage Chic

From 2004-2006, Christina served a selection of vintage-inspired styles. Here, she’s put her a unique spin on a 1930s look.

christina aguilera at rocks concert arrivals at radio city music hall

Old Hollywood Glamour

In a sheer black gown and peep-toe courts, Christina is ready for her close-up.

christina aguilera at 87th academy awards, oscars

The Power Pony

New hair, who this? A high ponytail the perfect plus-one for an iconic giraffe-print dress.

christina aguilera wearing black striped suit, red beret, holds white handbag

Pinstripe Moment

A smart move: adding a red leather-look beret to a monochrome look. Make like Christina and drape a blazer over the top for extra style points.

christina aguilera at jean paul gaultier show in 2019

FROW Fashion

Always runway-ready, Xtina dressed in head-to-toe Gaultier while sitting front row at his couture show. Gaultier knuckledusters, essential.

christina aguilera at 47th annual american music awards

Mother Of Pearl

Part-Snow Queen, part-Princess Leia, Christina’s wardrobe for the Annual American Music Awards was truly out of this world. That pearl-embellished hood: 😍

christina aguilera at mulan film premiere

Cutest Colour Combo

Xtina’s look at the Mulan film premiere just reminded us that we need to wear wayyy more pink and red in 2021. Together, obviously.