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Who's Wearing What

Why Varsity Tops Are On Our Wish Lists Right Now

by Adam Fletcher, Copywriter

If you’re anything like us, you'll agree that autumn signals one thing and one thing only: it’s time to start wearing varsity tops all over again. Worried? Don’t be. As always, we’ve broken down what this trend is all about and put together some looks from your favourite A-listers, too.

Where to start? Tip 1: to really tackle this trend, you’ll need to pick a slogan sweatshirt or tee that features a cute, collegiate-inspired print. Tip 2: it’s good to experiment with the size of your top (the bigger the fit, the better). Tip 3: the aim is to channel laid-back, scholarly vibes from head to toe, so pair your top with mom jeans, flares, or a check-print blazer.

Now, to show you what we mean, let’s take a peep at these preppy celebrity ’fits…

1. Christina Applegate, 2002

This hoodie is literally fire 🔥, well, actually, it’s ‘Fire Department New York.’ If you only want to dip your toe into the varsity trend, make like Christina Applegate and update your look with a printed grey hoodie.

2. Pamela Anderson, 1998

Girl, yes. If you can’t handle the extra room that comes with going oversized, you can still create a collegiate look with a cropped or fitted top. Just make sure that it comes with a bold slogan print.

3. Halle Berry, 2005

The varsity trend is all about athletic silhouettes, and wearing your college’s team logo with pride. The school that Halle Berry’s supporting? Von Dutch, of course.

4. Brooke Shields, 1984

Nothing says “I’m channelling varsity style” quite like a mid-height ponytail, hoop earrings and an appliqué logo. Keeping to true to the trend, Brooke Shields’s sweater features a college name and an emblem.

5. All Saints, 1998

Go big or go home. When varsity looks are concerned, baggy fits rule 99% of the time. Whether you decide to go a size larger on your tee (like these ice hockey tops) or jeans, just ensure that your outfit has volume.

6. Diana Ross, 1985

Okay, so this sweatshirt might not feature a classic varsity print. However, the slogan on the front is big and bold, which is a key feature of the varsity trend. Plus, we love how Diana Ross has featured a black collared shirt underneath.

7. Princess Diana, 1997

Wear it, and wear it again. When you’ve found the perfect varsity sweatshirt, you can pair it with jeans, but you could also try teaming it with cycling shorts, a big bag and an unlimited amount of different sunnies.

8. Hailey Bieber, 2019

We’re all about committing to a trend and, from the look of things, so is Hailey Bieber. Here, she’s nailed the varsity look on top, but she’s made her bottom half more interesting by adding leather-look trousers and ankle boots.

9. Napoleon Dynamite, 2004

Vintage-inspired styles are very much a part of the varsity trend. The 2020 way to wear them? By mixing in modern styles. Add XXL glasses to a fitted logo tee and tailored trousers, and you’ve got yourself a winning look.

10. Mariah Carey, 2001

Varsity dressing doesn’t mean avoiding strappy heels and a denim skirt. Just add a logo-print vest, a high ponytail and a boom box (lol).

11. Aaliyah, 2001

Uni and college slogans are great and all, but there's no harm in wearing a print that features your fave city to tap into the trend. Now’s the right time to start experimenting with different logos, like Aaliyah’s NY-print top.

12. Aaliyah, 1997

50% sporty, 50% back-to-campus. Although this look is less literal than the other fits we’ve featured, a slogan-print bandeau top, baggy jeans and a 90s-inspired belt are definitely all part of the varsity trend. Thanks for reminding us, Aaliyah.

13. Victoria Beckman, 1999

A cropped logo tee and ankle-grazing jeans team up for a timeless varsity look but, to give it an even fresher feel, we’ll be adding a baseball cap, printed bag and chunky trainers, like our gal, VB.

14. Nicole Appleton, 1998

Thinking about adding some low-key accessories to your preppy logo tee? Same here. Mini pendant necklaces and sunglasses (worn like a headband) will do just the trick.

15. Julia Roberts, 1991

Sunny days aren’t completely over just yet, so there’s no need to put away those loose-fit shorts. Instead, pair them with an oversized slogan tee, cute socks and chunky trainers. Style tip: layer up with a blazer or add flares come October.

16. Paris Hilton, 2003

Why tick off one trend when you can totally tick off two at the same time? Flared trousers ✔and logo tops ✔ are both big news in the fashion world RN. So varsity, so good.

17. Fashion Model, 1987

Back-to-college look, sorted. A Betty Boop sweatshirt, an oversized polo top and leggings are ideal for virtual seminars, or to make it look you just stepped out of one. Book in hand, essential.

18. Britney Spears, 2004

It’s easy. It’s flared. It features a ‘Harvard’ slogan on the front of it. We’re literally fangirling on Britney Spears’s varsity look. To make this outfit ready for cooler days? Switch your sandals for trainers.

19. Hilary Swank, 2005

ICYMI, comfort is essential when it comes to our current wardrobe choices, and it’s key to collegiate dressing, too. So, with that in mind, you can bring big varsity energy to your joggers and sandals by adding a NY logo tee.

20. Natalie Appleton, 1998

Classic and versatile, a logo top also makes every outfit instantly more varsity-ready. For a top-of-the-class look, seek out a tee that features long sleeves and an interesting print.