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Ways to Wear

Casual Outfit Ideas For Men

by Adam Fletcher, Copywriter

It probably won’t come as shocking news to hear that ‘casual outfit ideas for men’ was one of the most-searched style tips for guys back in 2019. We’re officially dubbing it a ‘trending phrase.’ Fast forward one year, though, and we feel as if we’re about to see those famous five words begin to #trend all over again in 2020 (and beyond). But, how comes? Well…

For starters, it could be indicative of the fact that, nowadays, the 9-to-5 uniform is becoming more and more flexible across the board. Yes, you can wear jeans and a T-shirt to that last-minute meeting and still look and feel 100% professional and business-like. And, what about those trainers or a pair of desert boots to finish? Sure, why not.

But, casual dressing in the office isn’t a new phenomenon by any means – it first started in the ’80s as ‘Casual Fridays’ - you may have heard it being referred to as ‘Dress-down Fridays’, too. No matter what expression you’re most familiar with, for many of us, this day has now extended to five days per week. The latest research indicates that a mere ten per cent of fellas in the U.K. are required to wear a suit, or smarter styles, to work. Therefore, when we account for those two days at the weekend, we’re left with a total of seven individual looks to build each week. Uh-oh.

Stressed? You shouldn’t be. This edit has been created exactly for this sartorial challenge. The even better news: you might already own some of these pieces. Whether it’s the denim utility jacket (available in both black, khaki, and burgundy), the check print shirt (it’s just been updated), or the skinny-stretch trousers (comfortable and fitted), we’ve pulled together the looks to add to your weekend and work style.

1. What To Wear With A Denim Jacket

Festivals, holidays, and more - a tropical-print shirt is a staple for warmer days. To give it extra mileage this month: try adding a utility jacket and cropped trousers.

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2. What To Wear With A Shirt

There are possibly only two ways to wear your spring shirt. Here’s how: with a slogan T-shirt underneath or with a suede-look utility jacket over the top.

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3. What To Wear With A Hoodie

Planning on doing dress-down Friday? Focus on a slogan-print hoodie with a khaki-and-black colourway. Then, partner with fitted joggers or skinny-stretch jeans.

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4. What To Wear With An Overcoat

Look good on your next day out with the lads by combining a polo shirt with printed trousers (striped or square) and trainers. Spring-proof your look with a light jacket or overcoat.

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5. What To Wear With A Blazer

It’s true: many of us have opted out of wearing a suit to work. But, we’re seeing more blazers than before – and they’re being worn with T-shirts and tailored trousers.

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