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Staff Discount Policy

Being part of the New Look Team means that you can enjoy 40% discount on our fabulous ranges.
Staff Discount can only be claimed with a signed /valid Staff Discount Card, which can be used in any of our UK/ROI stores and online.   
You’ll have a maximum yearly discount allowance and it is your responsibility to ensure that you:
  • Sign your card upon receipt
  • Read and adhere to the  full terms & conditions of the policy
  • Are aware of your Staff Discount allowance and manage your spend within the threshold
  • Retain the receipts for all purchases you make (Staff Discount and non-Staff Discount) for 12 months and make them available upon request  
Our Staff Discount is available for all employees who have completed 12 weeks’ continuous employment. 
When you’ve completed 12 weeks’ continuous employment, we’ll arrange for your Staff Discount Card to be sent to your home address, as detailed on The Vault.   This can takes approximately 10 days.
Employees on fixed term temporary contracts of less than 12 weeks will not be eligible for this benefit.
Staff Discount Benefit
Discount is available to you and one other person; you can select one of the following options:
Option 1
You keep your Staff Discount Card
Option 2
You nominate someone else (a ‘nominee’) to receive your Staff Discount Card

You keep your Staff Discount Card and can receive:  

  • Discount on purchases for yourself, and
  • Discount on purchases for one other person

Purchases must be for either your personal use or the personal use of the other person.

You do not have to name the person for whom you obtain discount for. However, purchases can only be made for one other person in any one calendar year.

Your nominee receives a Staff Discount Card in their name and can receive:

  • Discount on purchases for themselves, and
  • Discount on purchases for you, as you nominated them to receive the card

All purchases made by the nominee must be for either their personal use or your personal use.

By taking this option you will not be eligible to receive discount on any purchases you personally make, ie the named discount cardholder has to make them on your behalf.

You remain responsible for ensuring that the Discount Card is used as per the Policy.

Nominating a Cardholder
If you’d like to take Option 2 please complete the Staff Discount Nomination Form which can be found on iLook or Buzz.   A Staff Discount Card, in your nominee’s name, will be sent to your home address, as detailed in the Vault, and it will be your responsibility to give the card to your nominee, ask them to sign it and ensure that they are aware of the terms and conditions of its use.  You remain responsible for the correct usage of the Discount Card.
You are able to change your nominated cardholder or revert to having a Staff Discount Card in your name (once in any one calendar year) by completing the Staff Discount - Change Nomination Form.

Discount Level
Staff Discount is only available with a valid Staff Discount Card. 
The current discount is 40% on full price items and promotional items. In the case of promotional items, the discount is calculated as a percentage of the full price of the item and not the promotional price.   Discount applies across our product ranges including womens, mens, 915, footwear, accessories – subject to the exclusions below:
  • In Store - Staff Discount is NOT available on permanently reduced items, selected Concessions, Gift Cards/Vouchers. 
  • Online – Staff Discount is NOT available on permanently reduced items, Label Lounge, Concessions, Brands and Gift Cards.
  • Staff Discount cannot be used in conjunction with Privilege Vouchers /New Look Rewards / Student Discount / Press / Magazine / New Look Card offers or New Look promotional vouchers.
  • Staff Discount is only permitted on two purchases of leather or suede garments per employee each quarter (excluding items such as leather and suede footwear, bags, belts and trims on garments). 
In addition, 25% discount is available on selected in-store concessions.
We reserve the right to exclude some product from this benefit.

Discount Allowance
You are allocated an annual discount allowance of £1,600 per year (ie after discount is applied, so £3,200 full price).  This includes purchases made by you / and or your nominee):
The allowance applies to the calendar year starting 1 January and will be split into two amounts per year:
  • Up to £800 in the first 6 months and up to a total of £1,600 for the full year.  
We monitor your Staff Discount spend and where the allowance is exceeded within the 6 month or year period your Staff Discount Card will be blocked.  If the 6 monthly allowance is not exceeded, the amount of remaining discount will be carried over to the second half of the year, for example:
  • If you spend only £700 in the first 6 months, in the remaining 6 months of the year you will have £900 worth of discount left to spend.
Any discount not claimed by the end of the full year will NOT be carried forward to the following calendar year.  The allowance is then reset from the 1 January and any blocked cards will be unblocked.  
New starters (who have completed 12 weeks’ continuous employment) will receive the full allowance for the 6 month period.  
Should you have any query on your spend limit please contact the Profit Protection - Data Mining Team on +44 1305 758452 within office hours, Monday to Friday.
Items Purchased with Staff Discount
Employees / nominees must never re-sell or participate in the resale of Company products purchased with staff discount or other Friends and Family discounted rates.    
Once an employee/nominee has no further requirement for the items these should be donated to a charity of their choice, which is in line with the Company’s Code of Business Ethics. 
If an employee/nominee is found to be purchasing items and re-selling them for their own personal gain this will be a breach of the Staff Discount rules and will be considered an act of gross misconduct, which can lead to dismissal without notice.
Retail Employees
It is essential that employees working within our stores are well presented and look professional at all times. 
You are not expected to wear New Look clothes; however you should not wear any clothing that has other brand logos visible.
Making a Purchase with Staff Discount
Store Online
  • Present your Staff Discount Card at the till before the transaction begins.
  • Your card will be swiped through the till and the discount will be automatically applied.
  • You’ll need to sign a receipt to confirm you’re claiming Staff Discount on your purchase. To check you are who you say you are your signature will be compared to the one on the reverse of your Staff Discount Card.
  • Credit Vouchers cannot be used as a method of tender when making a purchase with Staff Discount. However, Staff Discount Credit Vouchers are.
  • Staff Discount is not available on Order In Store purchases.

Republic of Ireland:

  • Due to till restrictions, anyone shopping in the ROI must present their current payslip (ie payslip from the previous month in which the purchase is being made) as well as their Staff Discount Card to claim Staff Discount.
  • To use your Staff Discount online, follow the registration process to set up a New Look Online Account and link your Staff Discount Card. To do this log onto:
  • You’ll be able to see 40% discount applied to all eligible items on the ‘My Bag’ page.
  • Payment can be made via all major credit and debit cards - Switch/Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and American Express - as well as PayPal, the New Look Store Card and New Look Gift Cards.
  • You can choose to have your purchase delivered to your home address or use the Click & Collect option to have it delivered to store. Please be mindful of our stores close to Support Centres and consider having your purchase delivered to a store close to your home not work address.
  • Normal online delivery charges apply as detailed on the website and no discount will be applied to the value. You will qualify for delivery promotions if the purchase price, after Staff Discount is applied, meets the required spend threshold.
  • There is no charge for Click & Collect deliveries but there is a minimum spend:
    • You must spend a minimum of £19.99 before discount (£9.99 with discount) when purchasing from website. We recommend that you use the website.
    • However, if you use our mobile app the minimum spend increases to £39.99 before discount (£19.99 with discount).
Online Staff Discount Accounts
  • It is not possible to include items, which are eligible for staff discount, in your transaction that you want to purchase for family or friends (other than your ‘one other person’ / nominee).
  • 40% discount would be applied to these items and you would be in breach of the terms and conditions of the Staff Discount Policy.
  • A separate online account must be set up if you want to make non staff discount purchases. To do this go to and register for an account.



Returning Items Purchased with Staff Discount

Items Purchased In Store Items Purchased Online

In line with our customer returns policy, unsuitable items may be returned within 28 days of purchase to any store in the country in which you bought it.

With a receipt:a refund, exchange, Gift Card/Vouchers will be offered (to the value paid, ie 40% of full price).

Without a receipt: an exchange or Staff Discount Credit Note/Credit Voucher will be offered (to the value paid, ie 40% of full price).

Your Staff Discount allowance will be updated accordingly.

Unsuitable/faulty items purchased online may be returned, within 28 days of purchase, to any New Look store in the UK / ROI or by Post/Collect+.

In Store:

  • With a despatch note - a refund, exchange, Gift Card/Vouchers will be offered (to the value paid, ie 40% of full price).
  • Without a despatch note – an exchange or Staff Discount Credit Note/Vouchers will be offered (to the value paid, ie 40% of full price).

Post or Collect+ 

  • Full details of how to return any unsuitable items will be detailed on the despatch note and online.

Your Staff Discount allowance will be updated accordingly.

When returning items to a store - you must present your Staff Discount Card at the till before the refund transaction begins.    Under no circumstances are items purchased on Staff Discount to be returned without the Staff Discount Card being present.

 Note – Blocked Cards:   

If you have reached / exceeded your Staff Discount allowance you are unable to make further purchases as your card will be blocked.     You can, however, return items for an exchange / refund within 28 days; you must declare that the return was purchased with Staff Discount and present your Staff Discount Card.

As your card is blocked it will not be possible to action the exchange / refund through the normal Staff Discount function on the till.

To ensure that your Staff Discount record is correctly updated the following process will be followed:

  • Your exchange / return will be processed as a customer exchange / return and the ‘Staff Discount Card Block’ reason code will be selected.
  • If you have your receipt this will be scanned / all relevant details entered.
  • If you do not have your original receipt, it will be necessary for the till operator to contact the Data Mining Team at the Weymouth Support Centre on 01305 758452 to obtain details of your original receipt number which will be entered into the till.   This can only be done during office hours – Mon to Fri, 9am to 5pm.  The store will be unable to process your exchange / return on a Saturday / Sunday.  
  • Your Staff Discount record will be adjusted and unblocked where appropriate.


The Profit Protection Team will advise you by letter when you are at 80% of your allowance spend limit in any 6/12 month period. E.g. if within the first six months you reach £640 (ie 80% of £800) you will be notified by letter.  

We monitor the use of Staff Discount both in store and online to detect any unusual purchase e.g. shoes or garments in a range of different sizes, large numbers of similar items.  Purchases of leather/suede garments are also monitored on a quarterly basis.    We also monitor eBay and other such sites to detect potential re-sale of items purchased with staff discount by employees/nominees.    

Any use identified as potential abuse will be investigated.  We expect you (and your nominees) to respect and abide by the Staff Discount rules.    A breach of the terms and conditions (by you or your nominee) may lead to the Staff Discount Card being withdrawn as well as the instigation of an investigation and disciplinary proceedings against you as the employee.  Any breach of the rules may constitute gross misconduct which can lead to dismissal.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Cards 

If your Staff Discount Card is lost, stolen or damaged you must report it by phoning the helpline on 0344 856 5982.

Leaving New Look

You will forfeit your Staff Discount benefit on your last working day when you should return the card to your Line Manager, who will be responsible for destroying the card.

Lifetime Discount

To qualify for a lifetime discount card you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Leavers employed on or before 1 December 1992:    If you have been continuously employed for 20 years or more and joined the company on or before the 1 December 1992 you will be eligible for a Lifetime Staff Discount Card if you leave New Look.  
  • Leavers employed after 1 December 1992:    If you have been continuously employed for 25 years or more and joined the company after the 1 December 1992 you will be eligible for a Lifetime Staff Discount Card if you leave New Look.

All lifetime discount cards are for your own personal use only, ie you cannot purchase for one other person or nominate another to receive your Staff Discount benefit.     You will forfeit your entitlement to a Lifetime Staff Discount Card should you be dismissed for reasons of gross misconduct.  

The Vault

It’s important that you keep your personal details up-to-date on The Vault including your address.  

Staff Discount Cards:    If your card is lost, damaged or stolen please contact the Ikano Staff Discount Card Team on 0344 856 5982.

Online Staff Discount:

Queries regarding online orders and returns Customer Services – Tel: 0844 335 1350 * Opening hours: 8am to 8pm – Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm – Sunday
Queries regarding the Staff Discount Policy Your Line Manager Support Centres –
Stores – Support – Rewards
Queries regarding registration process and feedback on your shopping experience

 * Customer Service Team – Tel Customer Services – Tel: 0844 335 1350 

We have set up a dedicated telephone number to answer queries you have regarding the following online Staff Discount queries:

  • Purchases – non receipt / partial receipt of order
  • Returns – non receipt of refund 

This team will not be able to:

  • Cancel an order on your behalf
  • Place an online order for you
  • Amend Employee Number or Staff Discount Card details
  • Change your nominated cardholder (You are able to change your nominated cardholder or revert to having a Staff Discount Card in your name by completing the Staff Discount - Change Nomination Form.)

Please do not call the:

  • Customer Service telephone number detailed on the website as they will be unable to help with the above Online Staff Discount related queries.
  • Click & Collect Helpdesk for queries other than scanning containers and parcels

Changes to the Scheme 

Staff Discount is a benefit and not a contractual right. It will be reviewed periodically and can be changed or withdrawn at any time. The discount available may vary from time to time and any changes will be communicated.