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Outfit Ideas That Really Work For A First Date

by Chloe Wilshire, Content Creator

So you’ve got yourself a date but don’t know what to wear. Whether you’re meeting for the first time or heading out with your long-term love you want your outfit to be spot on. So we’ve come up with a few real life date night scenarios with outfits from our favourite celebs that you’re bound to fall for.

1. What To Wear On A First Date

First dates tend to be the most exciting, but they’re also the most nerve-wracking. You want to make a good first impression but don’t want to feel like you’ve gone over the top.

The key to dressing for a first date is making sure you dress your true self and ensure you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable on a first date. If you feel good in what you’re wearing then the likelihood is you will look good too – confidence is key.

So for a first date outfit we take inspiration from influencer, Caroline Daur. Overall you can’t go wrong with jeans, a shirt and blazer and, dependent on where you’re heading, you can dress it up with heels or throw on some flats – whatever makes you feel most comfortable.

2. What To Wear For A Coffee Date

Going for a cup of coffee is one of the ultimate first (or first few) dates out there. Coffee dates are the perfect way to get to know someone without the pressure of eating or being worried that you’ll embarrass yourself after a few drinks. Coffee dates are also great because they’re inexpensive, so there should be no fighting over the bill. You can also tell a lot about someone from their coffee order…

The other perfect thing about a coffee date is that you don’t need to dress up. Take inspiration from Selena Gomez, her cardigan, roll neck, crop flare jeans and loafers are the perfect ‘throw on’ outfit. You want to look good, but not like you’ve tried too hard. So although you might spend hours putting this ‘throw on’ outfit together your date doesn’t need to know that.

3. What To Wear For A Drinks Date

Whether it’s your first date or you’re a few dates in – going out for drinks can be the most fun date, but can also feel the most intimidating. The good thing about going for drinks is that neither of you have a distraction from one another. You are forced to find (or not find, depending on how the date goes) common ground with the person opposite you. And if you do end up having a few too many and making an embarrassment of yourself – well, you can only assume that it went well enough for you to let loose.

But the dreaded part of drinks dates is what to wear. It’s likely that you’ll want to dress up as much as you can but you'll also want to feel comfortable. There’s nothing worse than feeling self conscious whilst sat opposite someone you’re getting to know. And that’s why we love Olivia Culpo in biker leggings and a shirt. It’s the perfect dressed up outfit without revealing too much and it’s also super on trend. And if you’re not into wearing a cropped shirt, an oversized one will look just as good. Then it’s up to you whether you opt for heels or boots.

4. What To Wear For A Dinner Date

In this day and age, where dating apps have taken over our lives and the easiest way to meet is over coffee or at a bar, it does make a dinner date seem the most romantic when it comes to first dates. But if you’re with your long-term love then a dinner date is a perfect way to spend some quality time together. Dressing for a dinner date can be hard, especially if you’re heading somewhere fancier than your usual go to.

So when dressing for a dinner date we think it’s best to keep it simple but elegant. We love Emma Roberts in her red satin midi dress with gold accessories. It exudes elegance but also doesn’t look like she's tried too hard. It’s also the perfect outfit if the date goes well and leads to drinks afterwards.

5. What To Wear For A Walk in the Park Date

Heading out on a walk to a local park is the perfect way to get to know someone you’ve just met. It takes the pressure away from choosing a good location to meet, or getting too drunk, and it also costs nothing. A walk is perfect, too, as it doesn’t matter what time of year it is. An autumn walk is just as romantic as a summer walk (obviously you may need to rethink this option if it’s pouring down…).

The great thing about meeting for the first time and going on a walk is also that you don’t need to dress up. All you need to do is ensure you’ve got comfy walking shoes on. Gigi Hadid shows us exactly how to do it by pairing high waist jeans with a comfy looking sweatshirt and chunky trainers.

6. What To Wear To A Date At A Concert

Whether you’re meeting for the first time or a few dates in, a concert date is an extremely fun way to spend time with each other. Although it’s not the best way to get to know someone, it’s a great experience to share and you’ll know you’ve got musical taste in common if you can agree on a concert to go to together.

When it comes to dressing for a concert date, you're likely to want to dress a bit cooler than you do on the average day. You can never go wrong with wearing a biker jacket to a concert and Kaia Gerber shows us exactly how it’s done. Paired with a plain t-shirt and crop flare jeans it’s the perfect outfit for a night of listening (and dancing) to your favourite music.