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12 Women Who Wow Us

by Hannah Rose, Copywriter

With International Women’s Day approaching on the 8th March, the spotlight is on our favourite females. We’re all about championing sisterhood day in day out, but we’re using this date as a reason to really take a moment to say ‘you go girl’.

As well as celebrating the influential women in our personal lives (mums, sisters, nans we’re looking at you), we’re also acknowledging the amazing women in the public eye that, quite frankly, we’re in awe of. We’re talking about those celebrity-turned-superheroes that make the perfect role models for younger and older girls alike.

​​​​​​​So, everyone raise your glasses to the women who wow us…

reese witherspoon wears silver dress

1. Reese Witherspoon

From on-screen as inspirational Elle Woods in Legally Blonde fighting for her dreams to off-screen as a women’s rights activist fighting for gender equality, this Oscar-winning actress is a serious icon.

queen elizabeth

2. Queen Elizabeth

Well, she’s The Queen…what more can we say?

michelle obama on stage, clapping hands

3. Michelle Obama

Never known as just ‘the president’s wife’, this former First Lady was and still is, an inspiration to everyone through her empowering speeches and charity work. A lawyer, writer and mum, the Vogue cover star aims to ensure every girl is given the same opportunities she had. And, we love her for it.

beyonce on stage, holds her hand up

4. Beyoncé

Beyoncé even said the words herself…who runs the world? Girls. A singing, songwriting, record producing, dancing, acting, wife and mum-of-three, we challenge you to find something our Queen B cannot do. Yep, there’s nothing.


5. Lizzo

Picture your first pre-drinks with the girls. Now, who will be blasting out the speakers? Lizzo, of course. Her powerful lyrics have the ability to make you feel like you can conquer anything. Keeping us on our toes with her fashion, this body-positive woman has become an inspiration for many.

emma watson

6. Emma Watson

We idolised her in her Harry Potter days and we continue to idolise her as she empowers young women and promotes gender equality as the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. Remember that speech she made? Nothing short of incredible.


7. Rihanna

The umbrella-ella singer’s talents don’t just end at her insane voice, songwriting and acting abilities, you know? From launching her own charity helping disadvantaged people around the world to releasing her own brand, Rihanna proves to every woman that you can do it. Seriously.


8. Kamala Harris

From being the first female district attorney of San Fran to the first woman and first Indian American Vice President and with the potential of one day becoming the first black female president, Kamala Harris proves that women are capable of literally anything.

madonna singing on stage

9. Madonna

We’ve got The Queen, the Queen B and now the Queen of Pop herself. As well as Madonna’s amazing singing voice and how she paved the way for all the popstars after her, she also does what she wants and dresses how she wants and we love that about her.

phoebe waller-bridge holds award

10. Phoebe Waller-Bridge

An actor, writer and producer at just 33 years old, Phoebe Waller-Bridge is running the show right now. From creating award-winning Fleabag to writing hit TV show Killing Eve, she is the ultimate Girl Boss.

serena williams wears white slip dress

11. Serena Williams

If there has ever been someone who makes us want to pick up a racket, it’s Serena. But aside from her 23 grand slam titles (more than any other woman or man during the open era, by the way), this powerful athlete has fought back from sexual and racist abuse as well as being a mother. Amazing.


12. Oprah

One of the most inspirational women like ever, no list would be complete without Oprah. She was the first African-American woman to own her own production company, a self-made billionaire (who donates to amazing causes) and she created the Oprah Winfrey Foundation. Need we go on?