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Anne-Marie Chats To Us About Her Exclusive New Look Collection

She’s a multi-platinum-selling pop sensation, ambassador for the Prince’s Trust and Mind, part of our cast of autumn 2021… and now she has her very own highly anticipated collection with us. Yup, we’re talking the one and only Anne-Marie.

Anne-Marie x New Look is the collaboration of the year. Working hand in hand with our design team, the superstar has created an exclusive collection of clothing and accessories that encourages fun, creativity, expression and confidence. Wanting to create a range that matched not only her personality, but yours, too, each piece is designed to show off your unique energy and vibe ✨.

The best part? There’s not long to wait as the capsule drops on site October 4th. And if you download the New Look app (or are lucky enough to already have it) you can shop the collection first, a whole 24 hours before anyone else.

In anticipation of the launch, we took a little time out with the superstar to talk style, tattoos and her new collection.

Anne Marie wearing a New Look playsuit and puff sleeve top

What does New Look mean to you and why did you decide to design a collection with us? 
"I love that New Look is inclusive and allows everyone to experiment with self-expression through clothes. I decided to design a collection because I wanted a range that would cater to everyone and their own personal style."

Do you have any memories of shopping at New Look as a teenager? 
"I remember going to Lakeside shopping centre and New Look being the biggest shop in the whole joint. It would be my first port of call, straight to New Look. I basically grew up in all its clothes!"

How would you describe your personal style? 
"My personal style is experimental, colourful, fun and always comfortable."

What was your favourite part of the design process?
"My favourite part was choosing the different materials, patterns and colours – as well as trying the designs on, of course. And, not to forget, working with one of the best teams I’ve ever worked with, too."

How do you hope to make people feel when they see and wear the pieces you designed?
"I hope people feel complete, like the clothes match their energy and their personality. I hope they feel completely comfortable and confident."

What drives you creatively and inspires you?
"Life inspires me… art, sunshine, humans, failures, triumphs and music."

In the making of this collection, we’re returning to the idea that fashion should be fun. How do you express yourself through fashion?
"I express myself in outfits that portray how I feel that day. If I’m happy I’ll go colourful, some days I’ll wear a baggy tomboy outfit and on others I’ll feel like wearing a short dress and heels. I do this because I want people to know my vibe and energy before we have a conversation."

Name five items in your wardrobe you couldn’t live without.
"My sliders, jewellery, oversized T-shirts, fluffy bucket hats and baggy jeans."

What’s your signature look?
"Depending on my mood or the occasion my signature style is usually some sort of oversized top or dress with either a chunky boot or slider with a random unusual pattern or detail. Then I add a hat, jewellery and sunglasses!"

Anne Marie wearing a New Look argyle print vest top, leather look, trousers, heeled sandals and hat

I have too many of these in my wardrobe…

I don’t have enough of this in my wardrobe…

When I have five minutes to get ready, I…
"Turn up late – haha!"

Favourite tattoo?
"‘Don’t panic’ or ‘break the rules’."

Sweet or salty?

Heels or trainers?

Cats or dogs?

Headband or bucket hat?
"Tough! Probably a headband in summer and bucket hat in winter."

What song do you put on when you're getting ready for a night out?
"‘Oops’ by Tweet ft. Missy Elliott."