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Lissy Roddy on Life, Layering & Finding Your Style

by Emma Menteath, Content Lead

Lissy Roddy New Look Q & A

Meet fashion influencer and content creator Lissy Roddy.

What started as a part-time hobby while studying turned into a dream job for the style influencer, amassing her 1.4 million followers on Instagram and 77,000 subscribers on YouTube. And, on top of her killer sense of style, Lissy just happens to be one of those rare people you meet in life who’s genuinely real and kind – a true embodiment of her core values.

This autumn, Lissy’s curated her very own edit to see you through the season in style. Expect plenty of loungewear and oversized outerwear, chunky boots and some sassy partywear. We grabbed ten minutes with her to talk life, layering and finding your style.

Lissy Roddy wearing a check overcoat, hoodie and white trousers

Tell us a little about yourself... Who is Lissy Roddy and how did you become a style blogger? Was it ever something you envisioned when you were at school?   
"I started when I was studying. I used to take pictures of what I would wear to college in changing room mirrors or at home and it went from there really! I didn’t actually know it could turn into anything, as back then it was quite a new thing."  

We live for your outfit posts and styling ideas. How has  being an influencer changed your life? 
"Thank you! It’s a dream job in so many ways. I love working with brands I’ve always worn and bought, and I love fashion so it’s a dream to get to work with it every day."

How would you describe yourself in  three  words? 
"Hmmm... Spontaneous, driven and always sleepy!"

You  definitely have  a signature look. Were you always drawn to loungewear or was this something you started wearing over lockdown? 
"Always! I remember when I first started years ago, I wore a lot of loungewear to college because it was comfy and I’d just be sat studying most of the day, so I think that’s where the comfy fits began."  

Who are your major style influencers or icons?  
"I really like @josefinehj whole vibe and style. I also have a lot of Rihanna’s outfits saved on Pinterest, my fave place for outfit inspo."  

We’re loving all the outerwear in your New Look edit. Which  item  is your personal favourite and how would you style it?  
"Ooh, tricky! I think the checked shacket is a fave because it can be worn in so many ways: you can layer it or wear it on its own buttoned up, with trainers or boots - it’s really versatile."

Any tips for styling a puffer jacket from day to night? 
"With an LBD is always the go-to!"  

How would you style your New Look edit for a cosy Bonfire Night look?  
"I think a shacket layered over a plain tracksuit set with boots is comfy and cosy! Or with jeans, too."  

What’s something you own too much of in your wardrobe?  
"Roll necks. I seem to collect them – but they are a basic staple! Every year I buy the same ones from New Look. They’ve been a staple in my wardrobe for about seven years." (We LOVE that!)

Lissy Roddy wearing a bucket hat, coat and zebra print top

What are the  five  items you’d add to your capsule wardrobe?   
"I feel like these change with the season for me, but right now I’d say... chunky boots, an oversized knit, a white shirt, a shacket and a tracksuit."

With 1.4 million Instagram followers, there’s no doubt you know how to capture the perfect shot. Any tips for our #NewLookers?  
"Lighting is the main thing, always. I test the light before every picture and always face the direction of the light, natural daylight is best!"

What advice would you give someone wanting to get into influencing but struggling with their confidence  or finding their personal style?   
"I think the confidence of doing it comes with doing it, so the best thing to do is just start and you’ll become more comfortable with it. Personal-style wise, I think creating a Pinterest board of everything you like and trying to recreate some styles you like is a good place to start."

What’s something people would be surprised to discover about you?  
"Probably that I actually do smile and laugh loads – definitely not as moody as I look on Instagram!"  

You’re heading out for dinner, where are you going and what are you ordering?  
"Anywhere that does sushi... that’s my favourite food. But I’m always up for a Nando’s, too!"  

Puffers or shackets?  
"Ooh, too hard! I'll go with puffers for now."

Oversized totes or micro mini bags? 
"Micro mini bags."

Chunky boots or trainers?
" trainers."

Salty or sweet?
 "Both if it’s popcorn!"

Coffee or tea?
" Coffee."

Lissy or Alicia? 

Favourite hype song?
" Dior - Pop Smoke."

Favourite season?
" Autumn!"

90s or 00s?
" 00s."

New-season trend you can’t wait to try?
 "Not a new trend but I’m excited for chunky boots to be back!"

Favourite colour?
" Green."

Movies or series?
"Series. I fall asleep in movies!"