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Meet Style Influencer Lauren Nicole

by Emma Menteath, Editorial Lead

Meet Lauren Nicole, content creator, columnist, model and CEO of not one, but two companies. And, if that wasn’t enough, she’s the face of our next influencer edit, too!

A true  Sagittarius, Lauren is bold, optimistic, and fun-loving. She's the type of person who instantly lights up a room and we couldn’t think of anyone better to handpick our next influencer edit, launching 27th July. In true Lauren style, expect lots of bold colours, standout prints and major swimwear swimwear vibes. 

We took ten with Lauren to discuss her New Look edit and all things fashion. Here's what she had to say... 

Lauren Nicole in a zebra print swimsuit laying on sunbed by a swimming pool

Tell us a little about yourself. How did you get into content creation?
"I started a blog in secondary school as I wanted to become a fashion journalist and things just naturally progressed. I started creating content for IG and then got scouted by an independent plus-size fashion brand, which kickstarted my modelling career at 18. I’ve always enjoyed being creative and luckily get to do it full time!"

How would you describe your style? 
"It’s very dependent on my mood, but I’d say it’s very colourful, bold and glam."

Do you have a signature look? .
"It definitely involves colour. I’m also a sucker for a blazer. Cropped, oversized..I love it all."

Tell us about your edit, what inspired you to pick the items you did? 
"I wanted to pick pieces I could see myself and my friends wearing, pieces that spoke to every woman – from the glam babes to the slightly more edgy girls."

What is your favourite piece in the collection and why?
"Definitely the zebra print slip dress. I think it’s a classic piece that would look beautiful on anyone and everyone."

We can’t wait to wear swimwear 24/7. Do you have a favourite holiday destination you can’t wait to visit? 
"I can’t wait to go see my family in Barbados. I miss being on the island."

What’s something you own too much of in your wardrobe? 
"Jeans. I own every style of denim you could think of. Probably too much denim. But I like having options!"

What are the five must-have items every girl needs in her wardrobe? 
"One strong blazer, one pair of well fitted/tailored trousers. I like a wide fit. Boob tape and a properly fitted bra (we love this!), a good denim jacket for summer and a LBD that can work no matter the occasion."

Lauren Nicole sitting on a bed while on the telephone

You exude such a radiant positive energy when you walk into a room. Have you always been this positive and confident? And if not, was there a moment you look back on that defined or shaped your confidence? 
"No, I haven’t always been this confident. Growing up I dealt with a lot of body-image issues and body dysmorphia. It’s something I still deal with today, but on my 18th birthday I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t continue to live a life where I pick apart my body and hate myself for how I do or don’t look. It’s taken a lot of work and unlearning, but I’m proud of how far I’ve come in my acceptance."

Any words of wisdom for young girls struggling to accept themselves?
"Sometimes it’s hard to see your own beauty and even harder to stop that negative voice in your head. But one thing that works is following up every negative thought and feeling with a positive. When intrusive thoughts come in, follow it up immediately with a positive."

You have flawless skin! What’s your secret? 
"Thankfully, with the help of Dr Ewoma at Skndoctor and Jas at Real Skin Clinic, I’ve managed to get my skin looking good. I’d say the secret is finding out what foods cause you to break out and avoid them. And find a specialist you trust."

What would you last meal on Earth be? 
"Pizza at Japes in Soho."

Tell us something that would surprise people about you? 
"I’m actually very shy."

Mini dress or mini skirt?
"Mini dress."

Florals or Gingham?

Heels or flats?
"Heels – although my feet would say flats."

One piece or bikini?
"One piece."

Online shopping or in store?

Denim or leather?

Nails or make-up?

Night in or night out?
"Night out."

Fries or pizza?

Tote bag or shoulder bag?
​​​​​​​ "Tote bag."