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New Lookers Share Their Ultimate Girl Gangs

by Emma Menteath, Content Lead

In celebration of International Women's Day, we reached out to our very own New Lookers to find out who they would have in their ultimate girl gang.

Many of us found it incredibly difficult to narrow down our search to only 4 or 5 exceptional women. However, after much deliberation and imagery scenarios played out in our heads, we've come up with our dream dinner party guests we'd all love to share a bottle of vino with...

1. Anna Weller , Senior Marketing Manager

"I've got to say, my real girl gang are a total dream (they wouldn't be happy if I didn't call that out), BUT going down the 'football fantasy'/ 'ultimate girl gang' route, I came up with a list based on who I would have all the lols with on a boozy weekend brunch...

​​​​​​​Phoebe Waller-Bridge - bringing the wit, talent and laughter
Jennifer Lawrence - delivering on entertainment and fun
Joanna Lumley - having all the class, and all the wine (assuming Patsy Stone comes included?)
Emma Louise Connolly - a boujee style qween"

2. Georgie Fox , Senior Marketing Manager

"My ultimate girl gang would 100% include...

Cher – because if I’m still moving and shaking like that at 74 I’ll be one happy girl, plus her Twitter feed is absolute gold.
Britney – because I’m a 90s baby and she’s been my hero for as long as I can remember #TeamBritney.
Michelle Obama – because she’s incredible, did you see those gold glittery Balenciaga thigh high boots?!
Cher from Clueless – because I agree with all her life principles and very much aspire to her outfit picking wardrobe technology (will someone hurry up and invent this please!)
​​​​​​Blondie – because I recently lost my mum and she was her life inspiration and no.1 hero, gotta make mama proud."

3. Anica Wislawski , Senior Head of Design

"I've been missing my festival kick over the last year, so I’ve picked the best sassiest festival girls I would love to hang out with...

Kate Moss - it ain’t a festival if la Moss ain’t there!
Janelle Monáe - her presence and power is electric. I’m in awe of her.
Stevie Nicks - the very definition of ‘icon’.
​​​​​​Miley Cyrus - she’s off the scale. She’ll party all day and all night.

We would all come home with a crazy tattoo!"

4. Lou Whitehead , Design Manager

"When selecting the members of my ultimate girl gang, it couldn’t be easier. From their inspirational style to girl-boss attitude, what more could you want...

Kim Kardashian – for her savvy business skills and using her fame to help people.
Michele Obama – for her passion, strength and grace.
Melissa’s Wardrobe – for her unwavering honesty and never ending LOLs.
Princess Diana – for her incredible 90s wardrobe and kind heart.
​​​​​​Greta Thunberg – for her boldness and helping to save our planet."

5. Phoebe Rayner , Brand and Marketing Manager

"I'm badly craving the kind of dinner party that's full of wine and goes on for hours. So these would be some dream dinner party guests...

Stevie Nicks – serving up 70s looks and generally being cool.
Aretha Franklin – civil rights activist, actress, pianist and can obviously help lead us into karaoke later.
Phoebe Waller-Bridge – generally very talented at everything but she's also definitely providing the laughs, isn’t she.
​​​​​​Gemma Collins – I just really want to be her mate."

6. Emma Menteath , Content Lead

"After much deliberation I've finally narrowed my girl gang down to these 5 incredible women...

Reese Witherspoon - because I could 100% picture myself drinking a big glass of white wine with Reese while discussing our latest book club read.
Fran Lebowitz - because there's no better witty conversationalist than Fran.
Michaela Coel - 4 words..."I May Destroy You" but in all seriousness, because she always pursued her passion, overcame many boundaries and that buzz cut of hers is sexy AF.
​​​Nina Simone - because I would love to stay up all night with Nina in a smoky bar, perhaps somewhere in South America, discussing civil rights and jazz.
The Olsen Twins - because I would love to raid their wardrobes."