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What to Watch on Netflix This February

by Ursula Sela, Copy Team Lead

January is arguably *the* longest-feeling month of any year, but this 2021 it’s really dragged by for a lot of us. Thankfully, February is arriving and bringing with it lighter days (and the feeling that spring is just around the corner), a time for giving love (Valentine’s Day, we’re ready for you) and, best of all, new Netflix releases. Does it get any better than that? Not in our eyes.

If you want to put all your energy into finishing up everything released on Netflix in January and December, and are looking for the next big thing to binge-watch (Bridgerton, we already miss you) then you’ll be pleased to know we’ve done the hard work for you; we’ve rounded up 8 Netflix releases you can enjoy through February and beyond.

veronica, betty, archie and sweet pea on riverdale season 5 poster

1. Riverdale (Season 5), Weekly Episodes Every Thursday

Yep, season 5 of the popular teen drama, Riverdale, has arrived and it’s looking more exciting than ever before. This series sees the story jump seven years into the future, with the trailer giving us glimpses of masked villains, possible new romances and, of course, the return of everyone’s favourite characters: Betty, Jughead, Veronica and Archie.

kid cosmic tv series poster

2. Season 1 Kid Cosmic (Season 1), 2nd February

From the creator of the iconic The Powerpuff Girls, Kid Cosmic is an animated series that follows the titular character, an imaginative wanna-be-hero turned superhero, as he fights to prevent an onslaught of alien attacks. Whilst similarities can be drawn between this and other classic superhero stories, Kid Cosmic and his team show that being a superhero is much harder in reality and that it’s pretty tough to be the good guys, after all.

firefly lane tv series poster featuring tully and kate

3. Firefly Lane (Season 1), 3rd February

After three…one…two…three: ‘girl power!’ That’s right, if you were after a feel-good series all about the power of best friendship through the decades, then Firefly Lane – based on Kristin Hannah’s book of the same name – is the one for you. Starring Sarah Chalke and Katherine Heigl, this series follows two women as they go through fights, make-ups and all the drama in between through high school and beyond. It’s proof that the greatest love story of all can be between friends, and we’re all for that.

malcolm and marie movie poster featuring zendaya kissing john david washington

4. Malcolm & Marie, 5th February

Starring our girl crush Zendaya and the dreamy John David Washington, this black-and-white romantic drama from the visionary director Sam Levinson is a must-see. After returning home from his premiere, the filmmaker’s (Malcolm) and his girlfriend’s (Marie) evening takes a turn as revelations of the ups and downs of their relationship unfold. It may not be the perfect romantic date night movie, but Malcolm & Marie is definitely a story about love you’ll want to watch.

anastasios soulis on red dot movie poster

5. Red Dot, 11th February

If you’re after an alternative Valentine’s Day film to watch then you’re in luck, as Red Dot comes to Netflix a few days before. How can a horror be a Valentine’s Day film, you ask? Well, in the same way that Die Hard is contentiously considered a Christmas movie. Red Dot is certainly not your typical romance but the story follows David and Nadja on a hiking trip to rekindle their marriage - romantic, right? However the couple soon find themselves fleeing through the wilderness from an unforgiving shooter. This horror is definitely a must-watch, just make sure you haven’t made any camping plans in the near future 😉

to all the boys: always and forever poster featuring main characters lara jean and peter

6. To All The Boys: Always and Forever, 12th February

Finally, Lara Jean and Peter will be back on our screens on the 12th February to bring us the last instalment of the story of their adorable relationship. As they plan to head to the same college, a pair of life-changing trips lead Lara Jean to question her decision to go to Stanford with Peter. If the first two movies were anything to go by, expect to laugh, cry and basically become the ‘heart-eyes’ emoji all the way through this movie.

adele from movie behind her eyes stands in kitchen with knife

7. Behind Her Eyes, 17th February

Everyone needs a gripping psychological thriller in their lives now and again, and Behind Her Eyes won’t disappoint. This six-part series follows Louise, a single mother, who begins an affair with her new boss, David, and then also becomes friends with his wife, Adele. If there’s that much drama in one sentence, imagine what the whole series will reveal? Full of secrets, suspense, and an all-star cast, Behind Her Eyes is not one to be missed.

tribes of europa tv series poster

8. Tribes of Europa (Season 1), 19th February

If fantasy, sci-fi and adventure are your cup of tea then the German series Tribes of Europa is perfect for you. The year is 2074 and a global catastrophe has split Europe into warring micro-states, all fighting for dominance over the other. Three siblings, across six episodes, are embroiled in the conflict when they come into possession of a blue cube and must set out to change the fate of Europe. Dramatic? Check. Something different? Check. Binge-worthy? 100%.