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New Arrivals

Gift Ideas For Your Friendsmas

by Emma Menteath, Editorial Lead

With Christmas right around the corner it's the perfect excuse to treat the friends in your life to a little something special. After all, they are there for us through all of our ups and downs.

Get inspired by these unique picks for the tea lover, homemaker and more - these gifts will make for the perfect Friendsmas.

1. For the Tea Lover

Is there any better way to start your morning other than with a cup of tea? Our tea gift set comes with 9 different flavours - we call dibs on the spiced holiday tea.

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2. For the Harry Potter Fan

We all have that one friend that is still waiting for their letter from Hogwarts. Make their breakfast extra special this Christmas with a Harry Potter cup and toast-cutter set.

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3. For the Friend That is Always Cold

Make sure that your friends stay warm this winter with the cutest microwaveable-sloth hottie.

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4. For the Friend That is Always Losing Their AirPods

We love an AirPod. What we don't love is loosing one. Keep them safe in our silicone case, made especially to clip to your bag.

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5. For the Sweet Tooth

Treat them to something a little special this Christmas, like our 3-minute microwavable mug cake. Oh, did we mention it comes with Oreos, too!

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6. For the Friend That Needs Some Pampering

For that one friend who needs a little pampering in their life, surprise them for Christmas with our pamper hamper.

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7. For the Foodie

Mild, medium or hot. Spoil the hot-sauce-lover in your life with our chilli hot sauce set.

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8. For the Friend That Works Way Too Hard

Let your frustrations out with this koala stress toy. Goodbye anxieties.

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9. For the Cocktail Lover

Treat the cocktail-drinker in your life with our gin cocktail kit... and then, get them to mix you a drink.

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10. For the Friends Obsessed Friend

Whatever character's their favourite - a Friends fan will love these fridge magnets.

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11. For the Planner

Our marble weekly planner is the perfect gift this Christmas for the friend that loves a list and organisation.

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12. For the Mindful Friend

For the yogis, the mindful meditator, the positive guru - a mindful journal is a winning choice. Perfect timing for them to jot down their New Year goals.

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13. For the Homemaker

Nothing quite cosies up a home and creates a relaxing space like a candle-lit room. Our scented candles make for the perfect stocking fillers.

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